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F**k Off Staunton

Rep of Ireland Hibee

Smrt Sparte
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I know it nothing to do with you guys. But you think you had a bad day??

Rep of Ireland 0-1 CYPRUS

10 minutes left :banger::banger::banger::banger::banger::banger::banger:

Newry Hiby

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What a bad game dunno whats going on but changes are needed deffo


Tr Eoghain go Bragh Radge
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He said in interview he's not quitting!!! I can't believe this shit.

Tonight was a fucking disgrace. Cyprus DESERVED to win :banger:

Wales will hammer us next month

I'm a VERY proud Irishman, and this is fucking KILLING me :sad:sad

Spot on he cant possibly be allowed to continue are I fear this cound cause terminal damage which is quite a talented squad. Everyone in the team that started tonight bar Keogh is premiership class and I dont even know half the Cypriot team. Like him or not had to agree totally with Dunphy after the game as regard to the FAI.


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For the first time i think he will go,70,000 tickets sold 54,000 turn up,the attendances will just get less and less and the money will dry up and that is what john delaney is interested in,so i can see him starting to distance himself from staunton.I fucking hope so because we are tactically inept.:banger::banger:


Radge Donator
Radge Donator
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To be honest I feel a bit sorry for Staunton, he should never have been put in that position and he cant handle it at all. He just trots out any cliche he can think of when he's inteviewed. They have to sack him and put him out of his misery.

scotland only lost because of that maroon atrocity we were playing in.

Rep of Ireland Hibee

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:YAYYY: Great news what was the source aint heard anything yet.

Interview with snake Delaney yesterday on RTE news. For the 1st time in two years he didn't publicaly back Staunton, plus also distanced himself from Stan saying he didn't hire him, a 3 men committee did. Also said an emergency board meeting will be called in next few days to discuss the managers position.

He's definitely gone, apparently a financial package is being finalised :YAYYY::bye

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