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Disappearing Leith


Bounce Radge
Pics of the fascinating old Wee Leith Shop, located half way up the Walk. The sign is fading, I've never seen it open but I'm sure other Leithers might have. Now that's spooky, the shop is owned by a clairvoyant called Sylvana. Maybe she's calling to me? Also it was a doll's hospital in the 70's? I don't remember it, but lived other side of town in those days.


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Radge McRadge of Radge End
Bounce Radge
I probably have walked past this at some point...... SO never open?

Maybe she knows....

Maybe not........



**** The Hearts
It was the Dolls Hospital that I remember, early 70's. Sorting broken dolls and folk taking their kids dolls seems a bit quaint now.


Bounce Radge
Don't remember seeing it open.I have memories of the dolls hospital in broughton st opposite the catholic church,now being dug up for another roundabout?But not this.
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