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Dealing with paedophiles?

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When a story breaks that David Steele knew about Cyril Smith's peodophilia and helped him to get a gong, you know what you are up against.Theresa May as home secretary was sitting on a whole cabinet full of names which would have brought down the establishment and the files have magically dissapeared.I wish you well but I'm sorry to say I doubt you will ever get justice.
I’ll fly against the general opinion here because I suspect it is rife in all parties. It would have been better if this had been dealt with 40 or 50 years ago, but again, if it had been brought to light 40 or 50 years ago it probably wouldnt have been dealt with.

Why Steel has decided to make it public now is up for debate, but it’s better to come clean late than never and punishing steel for coming forward will deter others from doing the same. He maybe feels that an acceptable resolution might now be possible.

As regards putting forward smith for the knighthood well questions would have been asked if he hadn’t, so I can see why he chose the wY he did.

As always we shoot messengers without mercy. I think we need to think about that going forward.
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