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Crowds in stadiums


Bounce Radge
Funny guys at the SFA and SPFL as if the date that spectators return to stadiums is anything to do with them other than plucking some arbitrary date oot the sky.

Though the reason they picked 23rd July is that is the Scottish Governments Phase 3 date 😂.

It wont be the SFA/SPFL then but it will all be decided by the computer modelling driven by the current covid 19 positive tests relative to the number of tests and hospital admissions.

Overseas events such as Jockys Tennis fiasco shows just what happens when you let the dafties loose on restarting sports events.🙄

Fortunately the Scottish government🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 is now right on top of the pandemic as everywhere you look Scottish numbers are looking very positive hence many of the lockdown restrictions being reduced throughout July.✅

Massed spectator sports aren't even on the agenda yet but eventually they will be but only with physical distance and restricted numbers.

Easter Road doesn't work with either and Dempster is sounding remarkably bullish about Murrayfield.🤔

Murrayfield does work for spectating numbers of maybe 1 in 4 and it does work for physical distancing including the entrance and exit of spectators.

I would be intrigued how it works financially as the egg chasers aren't doing it for charity but maybe the calculation is walk ups, corporate and some more additional season ticket holders signing up swings it.🤔
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