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Covid -19 Graphs Scotland

I'd imagine...without myself looking.

Belarus,Tanzania,Haiti,Russia...and most African countries did not go full Tyranny on their citizens.
Belarus and Russia didn’t need to do anything to go ‘full tyranny’ , they are all the time.

Africa, to a significant, and - ffs - Haiti to a maximum extent, aren’t capable of implementing lockdowns or vaccine programmes.

I was against lockdown. Our bumbling government was too, I think, instinctively. But they panicked when they saw projections, because they are not very ‘statesmanlike’ tbh. I don’t blame them completely btw - it’s easy to pontificate when you don’t have many lives depending on your decisions.
I Wonder if Belarus has excess death.
Would they notice ? Their life expectancy is several years lower than the average British Covid fatality.
Belarus president declared his country open,and they need to drive their tractors more and drink more vodka. 😎

India is an interesting one as they had a vaccine...but Pfizer was NOT allowed.
The Indian Government refused to give them indemnity.
Were you born yesterday? India is under a nationalist government on a mission to prove India can do anything anyone else does. Tbh I haven’t looked at it but I suspect their vaccine was as deficient as the Chinese, doing the same. The Russians copied Astra zeneca so were off to a good start.

And your dear fuhrer was absolutely Covid phobic by all accounts.

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