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Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
I wonder how much this increase has to do with the Indian variant and how much is a cup final hangover? Over the road one poster is saying 15 have tested positive after being in Tamsons last Saturday. Now I know Tamsons punters are no angels and there was worse than them as far as social distancing is concerned!

Screenshot_20210529-122922_COVID Symptom Study.jpg


Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
Tamsons variant still on the rise! A few days and that will drop off!!

Screenshot_20210530-133203_COVID Symptom Study.jpg


There’s no longer a clear correlation between the number of cases and the number of hospitalisations/deaths.

This obsession with cases, and basing policy on it, might have made sense but it doesn’t to me now.

The focus should be on protecting people, and protecting the health service from being over run, but I don’t see cases as the driver for this now.


Auld Enuff Tae Know Better This Radge
So 0.18% of the population are active cases. People really need to remember to contextualise absolute numbers.

It's the trend... IF (And I stress if..) these cases go how previous have then a percentage of these numbers will end up in hospital and a percentage of them will die.
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