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Corona virus on its own thread.

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Bounce Radge
It's quite clear to me that we just didn't have the testing capacity in this country ready and available at the start of this pandemic, and whilst other countries did, this was because they had learned from the SARS outbreak what was required and they had the resources in place and ready to go whilst we did not.
We were not ready to deal with a pandemic on this scale either with regards to testing or PPE or ICU capacity. I'm sure we were advised what we had to do if something like this happened...I just take the view that the all governments in the UK just didn't believe it actually would happen.
RE The Care Homes disaster; Governments in the UK (including Scotland where the care homes death rate has been appalling) were so terrified of NHS wards being overwhelmed similar to what happened in Italy that many old and vulnerable patients were shipped out and put into the care sector to create space, and they were not tested before putting them into the care homes. That's a recipe for tragedy and that is what has unfolded. Yes, governments can be blamed for this, but they are not trained to deal with pandemics.....experienced and qualified so-called expert scientists and medical people are and I just cannot understand for the life of me why they could not see this potential carnage happening and advise the politicians accordingly. It's just been complete failure on a huge scale and so many frail and elderly people have paid the ultimate price for this dreadful incompetence. Hopefully when the inevitable public enquiry eventually takes place the real culprits will be held accountable.
They surely did advise accordingly but were ignored, if not I give up.


Bounce Radge
What is getting me and it is getting to some eminent writers in the Lancet;why are so called scientists standing behind podiums listening to the likes of Boris,Hancock, et al spouting absolute non scientific pish?Standing there defending Cummings,standing there trying to justify the lack of PPE,the non testing, the crisis in our care homes.What kind of scientific position is that?
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