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I think a lot of the poor performances we are seeing, is down to a lack of competition for places and having a pretty thread bare squad. Both Paul and Porto know that they are pretty much a certainty to start, as does Gogic, Newell and others. At the start of the season young Doig was keeping Lewis out and as soon as Lewis got injured, for whatever reason his performances dropped. Doidge knows he has next to no competition for his spot, Boyle and Porto too.

This isn't saying they are deliberately underperforming, just not the same intensity worrying about being dropped and there positions under threat.

Two Headed Boy

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This is an issue.

The fact that the manager will not drop Boyle for Wright for example shows that we are lacking strength in depth.

It's tough though. It's taken Aberdeen a number of seasons of filtering out the crap to get the strong bench they have now all while having stability in the dugout. Our recruitment team would have to work wonders to catch up with that in a few windows.

Sir Shrink

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I’m not a fan of this stuff.
I watched the Tornadoes. They didn’t need competition for their places. There’s tons of present day players/teams who seem to do very well without feeling threatened of being dropped.
Any professional in any role should be performing at their best. Or they ain’t professional.
I’m not saying a bit of competition ain’t healthy, but a lack of it shouldn’t be an excuse for being half arsed.
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