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Club Statement | Ronald Gordon

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Bounce Radge

Hibs TV spoke to Executive Chairman Ronald Gordon on the back of Friday's club update.

You'll hear more from Ron in the coming days, and you can watch his message in full here.

“Hello, everybody. I hope you and your families are all staying safe and well during this difficult time. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the entire Hibs family, for the way in which we've rallied around the club and each other.

"I want to start by thanking the supporters for their concern for the club, which was evident on social media. More importantly, for the support they've given us with the season ticket campaign. It's only a week ago that we started the season ticket campaign and we're outpacing the total for this time last year, which is an indicator of the support that you're willing to give to the club. Thank you very much for that.

"I also want to thank the players. It's just been heartwarming and wonderful to see them calling season ticket holders and senior supporters, just to check that they're okay, to see if the club can do anything for them and just telling people how much they're missed and how much we're looking forward to seeing them at games.

"On another note, it's only a week ago that I had the chance to meet and have a phone conversation with Jack Ross, Graeme Mathie and David Gray to discuss how the players could support the club financially during this difficult time. And it was on a voluntary basis. I'm very grateful and very proud to say that every single player stepped up and has been wililng to support the club during this time. They have stood behind the club and I can assure them that the club will stand behind them.

"Last, but not least, I want to thank the staff and the leadership of the club. I'll start with the board, who have been very active in the last couple of weeks, Leeann and the senior staff for the way we have planned and strategised and just figured out how we're going to get through this period. I'm very proud to say that I think the club has been a leader in this and that the actions we've taken have kept in mind our priorities - our staff and players, their wellbeing, and the financial health of the club so that when we get back to football we'll be in a position to compete and to be effectively active.

"It's only been eight months ago since I took on chairmanship of the club. Every single day I feel very blessed and grateful that I'm part of the Hibernian family. The last couple of weeks have shown me how much everybody loves the club and what a significant club this is for everyone. And how it makes a difference in everyone's lives.

"I'm very, very proud today to just be part of that community. If our saying, We Are All Hibs, means anything then today it means more than ever. So thank you for everything that you do for Hibernian Football Club. Most importantly, stay well, stay healthy and we look forward to seeing you back at Easter Road."

You can watch Ron's message in full here.

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Bounce Radge
The more I hear from him (except the pony up bit, you maybe had to be there) the more I'm convinced he's a good guy and a good match for Hibs. Being fickle football fans though he'll be on trial and under scrutiny every minute he's with us and probably beyond!
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