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Pretty lucky where I live for wildlife. Got the figgate burn running thru my front garden and when the water is up a wee bit the otters from the figgy pond come down looking for fish. Got Heron and have seen a kingfisher a few times too, need to be very quite though....not easy with a massive labrador who thinks chasing anything is the best fun ever.

Biggest problem right now though is the evil gulls and their spawn. Sick of being dive bombed by maniac bastard massive things while I mind my own business. I don't want your mingin bairn pal, so fuck off.
Sounds like you could do with a good restful holiday amigo. Recommend someone?

Fuck the Gunts


Chester Perry

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There’s hunners of rabbits on the Westside and for some reason the baby hairy Japanese bassas seem intent on running into my bike. There’s a family of swans on the canal with 8/9 cygnets so I’m assuming the feeding is good. Plenty ducks and moorhens too, even had to cycle past a heron this morning. Too top it off think I saw an otter living it up in the rain in the Pentlands tonight.

Hibs v Gunts

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