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Boiler/Plumbing Issue?


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My boiler is working in regards to heating the home however I have no hot water. The only water tap that works is the cold water tap in the bathroom and the shower which is cold and with a weak flow. Kitchen taps not working at all.

At the weekend I had the same issue. I turned the boiler off and on and reset the thermostat and hey presto all taps working again and hot water.

I'm not very technically clued up in this stuff. I'm assuming I have a boiler issue and this has nothing to do with the plumbing? No hot water being the give away šŸ˜œ.

****Sorry meant to put in the other section. Won't allow me to delete or move!***
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I don't think Boyler is the issue.


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FFS he's just been given player of the month Boyler and folk are still on his back!
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