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Benji released


Bounce Radge

Not sad to see Benji gone. Offered absolutely nothing for 90% of his term at ER. We all say he has ability but surely having ability means you can produce regulary, somthing he never done.

15 goals in 80 games in a poor scottish league, hardly prolific. Lets not forget all his huffs and lack of effort as well as the fact he did not want to be here at the start of the season. He came back to us with one arm up his back.

For us to move getting rid of 'losers' like Benji is a must. We need people with a strong mentality, not pre-madonnas.
Absolutely spot on :applause::bye


Bounce Radge
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bit of a shame benji's leaving but as people have said he's been a bit part player and it doesn't look like he will get many chances i would much rather keep nish than benji good luck to him :bye


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i wouldn't be to bothered. lets face it how often has he played for us the past 2 seasons. injury prone players become wage thieves. i'd rather the wages went on someone committed
My thoughts exactly.

Great wee player on his day, but that is the problem, every season he is injured and out for more than half the season.

Although the injury at the mo is more serious, it is the same old story.

A fit for a season Zuma would be a great addition for ANY team in the SPL, far better than the greetin soap dodgin wasp eater mccheaty fi celtc, alas i don't think that would ever happen.

In saying that, now that he has the injury, i don't think he will be away next season, so hopefully we will see him a lot more next season before he leaves us for nowt.
TBH, even if he does want to leave, he should sign an extension for us simply for Hibs to get some money before he goes for being so helpfull in the circumstances concerning his wife and kid.
He has already stated he would like to play abroad, well make us some cash at the same time wee-man.

Nah i doubt it.
We cannot sell him when recovering from injury, even if we did it would be a paltry sum, so considering imo he won't be on very high wages, we will have him till end of the season and it shouldn't cost the earth and he will be desperate to show form for a move.


Bounce Radge
Cheerio Benji, all the best and thanks for the two goals - excellent goals too - in the League Cup final.


Leither 4eva Radge
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Was aware two weeks ago benji was leaving, spoke to him in the links and he was fully aware he wouldn't be stayin. As for Maka, feel sorry for the big guy, stays over the road from me and he's a good laugh, hope he moves to a decent club and shows his full capabilities. McCormack is defo away

Bill Oddies Beard

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Some people may be surprised, but I'm not sad to see him go.

Wages thief for most of his time here. Goodbye :bye

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