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Arbroath Away


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Sounds like the young keepers had a howler if a night

Sir Shrink

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Petrie out!!!


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Better give them an absolute doing in the league cup.

Both Edinburgh sides beaten off them preseason.

Kids will need to be better than that without a league to play in... if they're to play better sides, they cant be as poor as that.
Admittedly without seeing or hearing about it yet... but still


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Sounds like the young keeper has thrown the three goals in. We will beat them in the League Cup.


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I liked the look of the lad Moon, made some great runs. Doidge is a whole lot better at receiving the ball and holding off his man whilst not falling on his arse than Flo. Stinker of a pen though. Keeper had a few mind farts but seemed very confident in first half, shouting the odds at all the players. Hope those flaky moments don't affect him mentally. Some of the attacking play second half was lovely, it's a dream to have Scotty back.

Hard to judge too much with 9 half time subs and half the team being development squad players. Hopefully some positive signs to build on though. Wee bit worried about Lewy being out as I'm not sure Tom James is suited to left back and Mackie still looks a bit shaky defensively.

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