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Any older Hibs fans remember this happening ?


Bounce Radge
On the Saturday 5th February 1977, Smellies... defeated Hibs 4-2 at Parkhead. The very next day Sunday 6th February Hibs defeated Partick Thistle 3-0 at Easter Road in a Scottish Cup tie. I actually remember this and I also remember thinking at the time how ridiculous and unfair it was. I cannot remember any other time when Hibs have played two games in consecutive days. Any stattos out there come up with another occasion when this has happened ?


Bounce Radge

It's on the FitbaStats website but there are no details regarding the circumstances. No reason given for playing on successive days.

But the same site records a 0-0 draw at Tynecastle on the 2nd of January 1967 and a 2-0 win over Dunfermline at ER the following day. And the following year we beat the Hearts 1-0 at ER on New Year's Day and drew 2-2 with Raith at Starks Park on the following day. That one I do remember; I was very disappointed that we didn't beat Raith.

Which confirms what weehibbydrew says - in those days it wasn't unusual to play two days running around New Year.

Useful site, that. http://www.fitbastats.com/hibs/index.php


Bounce Radge
I think Pat Stanton's testimonial v Smellies... was played on a Sunday and the previous day Hibs had played Smellies... in a league match at Easter Road.


**** The Hearts
Cannae get my heid round the present situation. I have attended most Hibs games in the 60's and 70's European and Cup, of which were mostly played on Wednesday's and some Thursdays . Apart from Finals. Jesus how things have changed.
As I have said before on this splendid site. I personally seen the Hibernians beat Real Madrid on the Wednesday and ram the Huns totally at Ibrox 2-4 on the Saturday a couple of days later. Happy days.



Coffee Shop Radge
Bounce Radge
Thank you for putting me right. I'm constantly finding out that things I'm absolutely certain I remember happening, actually didn't!
Yeah, same as being married really...

Sir Shrink

Quite a bit past it radge
Bounce Radge
Thank you for putting me right. I'm constantly finding out that things I'm absolutely certain I remember happening, actually didn't!
I’m the opposite.

I’m absolutely certain I can’t remember things that did happen.
Actually, I think I remember other things that I can’t now remember because Harlem’s post popping up just now distracted me.
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