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Andy Murray to Retire?


Radge Donator
Radge Donator
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Bounce Radge
What a sad day. Andy Murray is without doubt the greatest tennis player Britain has ever produced. IMO he is Scotland's greatest ever sportsman and a great ambassador for Scotland and Hibs. A lad with a born talent who worked like hell to reach the very top in a sport where it is extremely difficult to succeed. His attitude and drive to win was quite exceptional. What a shame his fantastic career is being brought to an end prematurely. Two Wimbledon title wins and an American Open Title plus an Olympic gold. Andy was very unlucky that he was around at the same time the three greatest tennis players of all time otherwise he would certainly have won more titles.


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Dearie me. What does it say about people that they can't be gracious, or even just keep their opinions to themselves, on the day a genuine world class athlete and legend of his sport makes this announcement.
Alan Brazil, of all people, having a go that Murray has "a problem" with crying all the time. Then snidey comments from him that it might be a problem not connected to tennis...
He's not worth the angst, I know. He's not fit to lace the boots of the legend that is the other A. Brazil. However, it's seriously poor form.

It really shouldn't need saying. He survived the massacre at Dunblane. There's not a hope in hell that it doesn't affect his very being. That horrible day 23 years ago saw two future multi Grand Slam tennis winners survive and go on to be No 1 in the world. I don't suspect these are mutually exclusive events. Even if it's not, I don't see the issue anyway.

And that's before we get on to the out and out haters...

We'd be hard pushed to nominate a better Scottish sportsman...ever.

Chris G Whyte

Radge Donator
Radge Donator
Bounce Radge
Part of Bounce
Anyone judging him badly is fundamentally wrong about him. At a time where he competed with the three statistically best players ever, he achieved the following:

- 3x Major Champion (Wimbledon twice, and the US Open).
- 2x Olympic Gold Medal winner (Olympics 2012 and 2016).
- Davis Cup Winner for Great Britain (achieved in 2015).
- ATP World Tour champion (won in London in 2016).
- Winner of 14 Masters 1000 titles (several in 2016).
- Season ending World Number 1 (again, in 2016).

This isn't mentioning that he competed in every Major final at least once, and was only beaten by players ranked higher than him and who have won substantially more majors; Roger Federer is on 20, while Novak Djokovic is on 14.

He's been an exceptional player, has seen wonderful success despite the competition he's faced, and he's treated the sport with respect for his entire career. The fact he supports Hibs and Scottish independence is just the chocolate on top of the icing of the cake he's been as a tennis player.

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