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Andy Anderson


Radge Private Member
Private Member
Bounce Radge
Yesterday another fine musician lost his life.This time a really excellent drummer.He played with all sorts of people including Zeke Manyika,Iggy Pop the Sex Pistols and the Glove.But perhaps his most noteworthy time was with mid 80's Cure.That's him on Love Cats and the Caterpillar also it may have come to notice that the Cure wasn't always a lineup of pasty faced white guys,cause Andy wasn't.As I say he was a fine musician and a quick scan of Wiki will show that he held his own in some exhalted company.Anyway RIP .


A message to you, radge
Radge Donator
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Bounce Radge
Played with The Cure at difficult time in Robert Smiths life. Fat Bob had 'lost' key members of the band at that point and was not easy to work with.
Andy played on the live album 'Concert' my first Cure record.
Forgotten about The Glove, good album.

Hibs v St.Johnstone

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