An all white first team


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We dont have any Japanese players either (Gunts do) Does that make us Jappist?


Bounce Radge
I think there's an interesting thing about recruitment that this is at least tangentially related to. Under Stubbs and particularly Lennon, the recruitment team were picking up players from across the continent with a pretty good hit rate to boot. Under PH, with the exception of Hellberg and Ryan Moon as trialists, we've signed and scouted exclusively from one country. Clearly this is no coincidence - but what I wonder is how much influence the manager has over recruitment and whether any potential signings were identified by the recruitment team and vetoed by the manager.

Would George Craig have looked at Joe Newell? Might Efe have come back without Heckingbottom?


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and only a couple of black guys in the development squad.Are Hecky and his coaches racist as well as being shite?
it's comments like this that cause problems in this country . What would you say if hibs had 8 coloured players , and only 3 white ones ? ....You are a complete fuckwit moaty , always looking for problems .geez, and wonder i hardly post anymore , with ridiculous statements like that !!!!


**** The Gunts
I am gonnae ask your brother in law and good friend of mine Steve to give you a fuckin slap. Thought it was the bagpipes yesterday that scrambled yer heid. Maybe it was the thousands of burly young men prancing about in tartan frocks that did it for you and turned you on and your rational head off. Two can play your daft game .

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It’s one of those where you just have to hold your hands up and say, I fucked up. And just for you moaty..... Here’s some black emojis :amazing::shocked::what::big-smile::electric-shock::exciting:

Hibee Kev

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You’ve had a ‘mare on this one Moaty old boy!


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True but I got two pages of replies out of it.More than some of my posts get.


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True but I got two pages of replies out of it.More than some of my posts get.
I'm actually genuinely interested in this. Do you really believe it or were you just trolling? Either way you come across as a Katie Hopkins type, and that's no good at all


Bounce Radge
Pretty ridiculous statement when we were actively trying to get Omeonga back only for it to fall through.

If we could get Efe back through some sort of affirmative action scheme I'd definitely take the accusation to the board though.
Maybe it was a double bluff from Heckingbutcher pretending he was making an effort to bring him back :hilarious:.
Surely the OP isn't serious lol
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