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  1. Jack

    May away

    She shouldn't just be remembered for her failure to deliver Brexit. She had lots of other failures as well.
  2. Jack

    Congratulations brianmc - PREDICTION LEAGUE WINNER

    Can any really clever bookie expert turn these results into a what if you had walked into the bookies and made the same bets?
  3. Jack

    "Happy Scottish Cup" Success

    Don't reflect too long!
  4. Jack


    This is an example of why the club does loans and short term contracts. The new manager coming in can revamp the squad without it costing loads in compensation that can then be used to improve the quality of players he brings in. Maybe a sign we as supporters could look for when debating what...
  5. Jack

    Are we under attack?

    What job was that J?
  6. Jack

    Just back and that was frustrating

    We got a letter from the ship last night telling us about the pirates and the colour coded emergency levels. It ended with We hope you enjoy your cruise!
  7. Jack

    Just back and that was frustrating

    Yes I miss the final salary chat! I'll miss it tomorrow in Mauritius and in a few days time in the Seychelles :bolt: Might be a different story as we pass the pirates off Somalia :sm019:
  8. Jack

    Just back and that was frustrating

    Just arrived in Reunion Island a couple of hours ago and got the result. I think I must have been the last Hibby in the world to find out! We're not even getting the maritime network! Thanks M.
  9. Jack

    Hibs Lads and Lassies Against Socialism

    So if there was a ballot box inside the turnstiles before a game what would the result be? Oh! I suspect it will be a fair representation of our catchment area. I have no idea what those around me vote and unless it was one of our political heavyweights I wouldn't care to guess.
  10. Jack

    Just back..and Hecks wheel keeps on turning...

    Thanks Mark. From deep in an African bush!
  11. Jack

    Hibs in Durban

    To be fair @Beagle It's an experience more than a holiday. Durban is the starting port of our cruise back to Europe. It's not all bad, the beach walk is lovely. The hotel has it's good as well as it's bad. Steeped in history the feckin bar shuts at 10 pm. I can vaguely remember that. Good is...
  12. Jack

    Hibs in Durban

    The hotel we're in is a throwback to colonial times with a bit of Fawlty Towers thrown in! It's a small mix of nationalities, we're the only Europeans and its mostly South African families. We were drinking in what's most easily described as a walled garden. I've gone inside for drinks...
  13. Jack

    Hibs in Durban

    Lone representation here I think! No one so far showing the colours but me! Anyone here, been here, who might know of a Hibs friendly bar? Just been here a couple of days but nowhere looks friendly for a quiet beer to be honest - there's prison style bars round the bars - like Glasgow decades...
  14. Jack

    The Climate Protest

    There would have been no historic claims if the Labour led council had done the right thing by their employees in the first place. The SNP did the right thing by their employees. Almost as soon as they came to power in the weege they opened meaningful negotiations and were within a baws hair of...
  15. Jack

    The Climate Protest

    I'm just wondering how much those responsible for climate change have been affected by these current protests? Not a jot I'll wager. A few weeks back there was a demonstration in the Chambers Street Museum around the petrochemical industry. A few protesters got into the museum, 3 of them used...
  16. Jack

    The Climate Protest

    Despite what I said earlier I don't think protests achieve much at all, riotous or peaceful. The miners strike being a fine example to counter your poll tax :-).
  17. Jack

    Player Sponsorship 2019/2020

    I'm in. I'll see you when I get back!
  18. Jack

    The Climate Protest

    All for peaceful protests, been on a few many years ago. I think the idea there was to win over the hearts and minds of those that for whatever reason came into contact with the march or whatever. I'm not for the growing trend where some protests set out with the intent of causing damage and...
  19. Jack

    The World famous Notre Dame Cathedral

    One thing that came to mind was an absence of fire hoses! I don't really like churches and what they represent but it's sad seeing an architectural icon razed to the ground.
  20. Jack

    Tigger Woods

    Love him or loathe him to bounce back after all these years takes some doing. Even I watched the last hour or so as players came into contention and others faded out while he just kept sticking to the task. Well done shagger!
  21. Jack


    CamScanner for scanning documents. Flightradar24. Because I'm a bit of a plane nerd and like to know what's going where above my head! Scores on the doors. An app that gives you information from the Food Hygiene Information Scheme i.e. what the current certificate says. My local kebab shop...
  22. Jack

    game v huns in 70's?

    Fantastic! I've downloaded it and will read it cover to cover on my holiday! Except page 26 which I've already read :-)
  23. Jack

    game v huns in 70's?

    I don't think it's ever been brought up in conversation before so there's never been cause to mention it. Maybe we should have a Lost Bounce forum, akin to Lost Edinburgh on pussbook, to reminisce over flares, Friends Reunited, Commodore 64 games, Cinderella Rockefellers, Fags and Matches etc...
  24. Jack

    game v huns in 70's?

    Yup! I skipped school to be there with a few mates and I don't think any of us had any money! The most memorable bit was we were all in Leith Academy blazers, blue, and quite a few Hibs supporters thought we were dodgy huns! How Hibees didn't know we were from the school down the road I don't...
  25. Jack

    The Leith Walk by election

    This is me being daft, but ... I voted in this election. Instead of putting a kiss 'X' in the box we were asked to rank candidates 1 to 11. You didn't have to rank them all. What was the point of that when there's only one candidate to be elected? STV seems unnecessarily complicated for 1...
  26. Jack

    Hearts fan arrested for racially abusing Bartley

    Anything you can do we can do the same, says their little Budgie!
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