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  1. Sauzee's Teeth

    Fish and Currie

    Hibs Ladies will be playing the famous Tikka-Taka style this season, then.
  2. Sauzee's Teeth

    In pursuit of a white pudding supper

    Those are what I get from the chippy too. I put some of the chips & haggis on a heavily buttered roll for some added stodge. Marvellous.
  3. Sauzee's Teeth

    Full Time: FC Runavik 4 v 6 Hibernian ( Agg: 5 -12)

    I have a link that should work for the game, not sure if I'm allowed to post it or not though? I can send it via PM though if anyone wants it.
  4. Sauzee's Teeth

    Favourite player

    Lewis Stevenson. David Murphy & Derek Riordan are up there too, though.
  5. Sauzee's Teeth

    Home tie Thursday night

    The World Cup has been all well and good but it’s back to the real stuff now. Cant wait.
  6. Sauzee's Teeth

    Game the mora

    I'm going tomorrow and looking forward to it. Hope Paul gets a good crowd but as has been said it's pretty shan timing for him being the Edinburgh trades & the start of the school holidays.
  7. Sauzee's Teeth

    European draw on Wednesday

    NSI Runavik. 1st leg at home on 12 July & away 2nd leg on 19th July.
  8. Sauzee's Teeth

    Site News: We HAVE Moved......

    Will take a wee while to get used to but it's looking really good :bounceflag_
  9. Sauzee's Teeth

    MacLaren is off to Russia

    We get 25% of the total which works out around £45k. His old club in Australia get a cut as well because it’s any club he’s played for in the last 2 years.
  10. Sauzee's Teeth

    MacLaren is off to Russia

    Turns out we're getting a wee cash windfall as a result of MacLaren being in the World Cup squad. About £45k if my (usually dodgy) calculations are correct.
  11. Sauzee's Teeth

    Crowds Go Up? Crowds Go Down?

    Last season I think? About 13.5k?
  12. Sauzee's Teeth

    MacLaren is off to Russia

    I think our chances of him returning went to pretty much zero once Darmstadt survived relegation, unfortunately. I’m happy for him though, hope he has a stormer.
  13. Sauzee's Teeth

    New Kit...

    We need a 3rd kit since we're in Europe so I'd imagine it'll be last season's away kit & we'll wear that at Parkhead.
  14. Sauzee's Teeth

    New Kit...

  15. Sauzee's Teeth

    New Kit...

    Nah, I think I'll like the home kit once I see it properly.
  16. Sauzee's Teeth

    New Kit...

    Away one would be smart if the Marathon Bet logo was green to match the sleeves. For the home one, well, I hope it's just bad lighting and a bad picture/screenshot. Hopefully it'll look much better when it's officially launched and in person.
  17. Sauzee's Teeth

    New Kit...

    It appears there is a leak...
  18. Sauzee's Teeth


    The Football Ramble On the Continent (European football podcast) Elis James & John Robins on Radio X The Luke & Pete Show Who Are Ya?
  19. Sauzee's Teeth

    So what can you remember from THAT day...

    Your memory of when the board went up for the stoppage time is as exactly the same as mine. The roar was INCREDIBLE.
  20. Sauzee's Teeth

    Happy anniversary troops

    I reckon any supporter of any club would have a tough time bettering the feeling we had that day. By far & away the most intense and pure sense of joy and happiness that I’ve ever experienced (I don’t have any kids as yet so I don’t have that comparison) but I reckon even with that you have the...
  21. Sauzee's Teeth

    SC Time for Heroes

    That’s the bit that got me. Caught me off guard!
  22. Sauzee's Teeth

    Beer suggestions here

    I’m liking Hophouse 13 at the moment, a lager made by Guinness.
  23. Sauzee's Teeth

    Just Back … To Reality – A Season 2017/18 Retrospective

    Excellent report and I agree with everything you say. It was easily the most enjoyable season in my lifetime (I’m 27) and Neil Lennon is, IMO, the best manager we’ve had in my life time. It’s genuinely difficult to pick the most memorable moment of the season as there were so many. Lennon’s...
  24. Sauzee's Teeth

    Lewis Stevenson called up for Scotland

    I feel like a proud father [emoji1] Well done, Lewis!
  25. Sauzee's Teeth

    SINCE 1875 - Display Information

    And even if it was, they still wouldn’t have been the most despicable group in the stadium yesterday!
  26. Sauzee's Teeth

    Change print at home.

    Now you know [emoji3]
  27. Sauzee's Teeth

    Sitting in the South stand

    Aye, that’s right.
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