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  1. Just back and the season is over.....

    Thanks for the "just backs" throughout the seaon. For those of us that cannae make it to games as often as we'd like it's something to look forward too. Hope yer gonnae keep up the good work GGTTH
  2. Hibs Lads and Lassies Against Socialism

    My brother and I are both Hibbies, love the club. We have no Irish or catholic connections ,we were brought up in the north of Edinburgh, our dad was a jambo from the Southside, definitely no religious or political decision to follow Hibs, it's our local club and community.
  3. Full Time: Heckys Hibernian 1 v 1 The Puddle Drinkers

    Dinnae sit on the fence 👍
  4. Player Sponsorship - David Gray Boots 2018/19

    You'll sadly need to take me off as well Jamie. Work commitments and too far tae come on a schoolnight. Those that do go enjoy
  5. Just back and we go above the puddle drinkers....

    Thanks for the report,a potential stumbling block dealt with. Onwards and upwards GGTTH
  6. LD statement

    i did say that tongue planted firmly in cheek. I do agree with everything youve said
  7. LD statement

    Rod ?
  8. How do we stop individual's ruining our clubs name?

    Fuckin hell Jamie, WTF have you done
  9. How do we stop individual's ruining our clubs name?

    I stand corrected, my English teacher obviously wisnae as good as Mr. Macaleese, think we called him squeek
  10. How do we stop individual's ruining our clubs name?

    I always thought "club's" = club is and "clubs' " = belonging or pertaining to a club. Things could've changed since I was at Ainslie Park right enough
  11. The bottle bam

    I’m missing something here, dinnae see the connection between dropping a piece o’ paper and chucking a glass bottle in a crowded place.And most people I know do give a shit
  12. The bottle bam

    I would
  13. Who all went along today?

    In Oz so couldnae manage
  14. She has spoken

    McGinn wis , and probably still is, a soapy.
  15. Do You think we will win the Scottish Cup again..

    Fuckin 68 !!! I’ve just realised i’ve become one o’ them auld moaning bastards
  16. Do You think we will win the Scottish Cup again..

    68 this year, obviously far too young to think i’ll never see it again GGTTH
  17. Mark McNulty signs on loan

    i hope so, on all counts

    Tae be fair if it’s in the hands o’ solicitors there is nae an awful lot they can say
  19. Lennon gone?

    Every Hibs supporter I know would’ve been fuckin raging if he’d been sold tae they *****
  20. Lennon gone?

    I could be wrong but i'm sure i read an interview where he said he was happy wi' the backing he recieved from the board. He wanted Kamberi and Maclaren and he got them. The board arent responsible for tactics or playing players out of position, and as i said before he had a bigger budget than at...
  21. Lennon gone?

    I'm sorry but i just dinnae get the messiah like regard that NL is held in by some of our support. Any other manager that had won 2 games since october would be getting hounded oot the door. Some of his team selections and tactics have got nothing to do wi' Petrie and Dempster who some folk seem...
  22. Lennon gone?

    Every manager bangs on doors demanding transfer funds, disnae matter how much or how little they have and i would doubt very much if that wid lead tae a disciplinary. He's probably been backed more than the managers o' at least 4 o' the clubs that sit above us. I'm totally ambivalent towards Mr...

    Ill be most surprised if anybody still gives one
  24. Is Lennon the right man?

    i think he's bang out of order when he plays players out of position or uses them in roles theyre not used to and then has a go at them. Kamberis' confidence must be totally fucked. If players think he's gonnae have a go at them in public then they'll play safe and be too scared tae try anything
  25. Fans reps

    Regular ?????? Maybe 40 fuckin years ago
  26. Al-Wasl FC Vs Hibs

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