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  1. ArchieinPerth

    Hibernian v Dunfermline

    Thanks guys. Looking like a kidney infection on an IVdrip now. Her mother is a worrier at the best of times so she is rather stressed out. Was looking forward to seeing them play tonight but hey ho... On fairly flakey wi fi at the bus station. But hopefully pass the ticket onto someone...
  2. ArchieinPerth

    Hibernian v Dunfermline

    Any need a ticket? Bought an eticket for tonights game which was to be my first this seasson but one of my girls has been rushed to hospital so I have to return to Perth :( Can forward the email on to anybody that could use it Cheers Add a wee clarification . Ticket is in East Stand...
  3. ArchieinPerth

    TV Coverage this season

    Is there going to be any regular TV coverage of the Championship this season or because "they" got promoted will this be abandoned to concentrate on Premier
  4. ArchieinPerth

    Cummings Benched....

    Hopefully Cummings will have more impact coming off the bench than he has had in some recent games
  5. ArchieinPerth

    tory election expenses scandal...

    Dodgy Dave will surely be bricking it... If this was the run the course it quite possibly might he would see enough of his fellow MPs unseated that his government would be under threat
  6. ArchieinPerth

    BBC NewsFeed Hibs boss Stubbs plays down Bolton link

    I fully expect that in run up to the cup final that just about everybody at Easter Road will be linked with "big money moves" by the tabloid press which then be talked up by other sections of the media I wonder just how outrageous the stories will be...
  7. ArchieinPerth

    tory election expenses scandal...

    The lack of media coverage is simply astounding even the possible scale of what it could trigger Makes you wonder about certain media outlets and their own agendas
  8. ArchieinPerth

    Friday game v Falkirk

    my laptop is a bit ropey but that would be great:thumbgrin:thumbgrin:thumbgrin
  9. ArchieinPerth

    Help with buying a laptop

    Trying to do a bit of research on laptops as I desparately need to replace my old failing machine been doing a bit of checking online and spotted a few possible options browsing PC World, John Lewis, Dell direct etc but been made a bit nervous by some pretty crappy customer reviews is...
  10. ArchieinPerth

    The Blade Artist - Irvine Welsh

    looks interesting will add it be my ever growing list :giggle:
  11. ArchieinPerth


    Still remember his bitter rant after that Scottish Cup Semi moaning all the press coverage was all about Hibs losing not Falkirk winning and generally slagging Hibs off... So glad Yogi won the Cup or he would have been unbearable
  12. ArchieinPerth

    Friday game v Falkirk

    oh well Radio Scotland for me then :giggle:
  13. ArchieinPerth

    WELL Played Hibs

    reduced to listening to the match on the radio the praise for the second half performance was lavish and when it's coming from the likes of Derek Ferguson and Chic Young you know Hibs were impressive, hopefully Hibs wider range of attacking options will be the difference on Friday:thumbgrin
  14. ArchieinPerth

    Friday game v Falkirk

    is this game going to be on BT Sport ?? only got Sky Sports and grumpy indoors refuses to add BT to our tv package :banger: Been housebound for the last 6 weeks and missing the cup final too... canny even get to the pub to watch it so desparate for a wee bit on the Hibees on zitelli
  15. ArchieinPerth

    Cup final bounce tour

    can I also add my thanks to all at the Bounce who organise the trips... if only the Hibs defence was as well organised :giggle:
  16. ArchieinPerth

    Final tickets

    Just registered for the online ticketing sales... Looking at my zero loyalty points I am now bitterly regretting just buying my match day ticket from the huts beside the East Stand:banger: although I have only been occasionally I sure I would have got enough points to avoid a scramble for...
  17. ArchieinPerth

    Kenny Shiels gob

    Did his verbal faux paus not extend to insulting club sponsors too?
  18. ArchieinPerth

    Derek Adams

    He should have been given the job instead of that clown Calderwood. Can't see him coming back to work for Rod after his brief time as assistant
  19. ArchieinPerth

    Peter Grant

    Quite highly regarded as a coach at the various English clubs he has worked at but not really the type of manager we need
  20. ArchieinPerth

    Malmo v Hibs

    :applause: thanks for that:applause: working so can only listen on the radio via the laptop and can never find the links on the website these days :giggle:
  21. ArchieinPerth

    fixtures out wednesday - who will we get first game of the season

    Think we will be sent to Tynie That way the SPL can say they tried to help Hertz by helping their cashflow:coffee:
  22. ArchieinPerth

    Yet Another Derby Win at the Saviledome

    Well done guys :thumbgrin
  23. ArchieinPerth

    111 years... Does anyone actually care?

    it was annoying for a while... but a bit like our smellie neighbours who just learn to live with it/them lol but the year we finally break the hoodoo and win the Cup also being the year Hertz go bust, it might just be sweet :Sparkle_Cool:
  24. ArchieinPerth

    They're on their way!

    I am working today, wandering about Perth in the midst of a fecking Orange and all their weedgie hun hangers on... So wish I was back home lapping up the build up to the big day:Sparkle_Cool:
  25. ArchieinPerth

    Alex Harris

    Harris rightly got heaps of praise from Craig Patterson on the TV coverage :applause::applause:
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