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  1. Tannadice tickets

    I have 2 spare concession tickets for Tannadice tomorrow night if anyone interested .
  2. Shaun McKinley....RIP

    So sad to hear this Gordon . I'm sure all my fellow Glasgow Hibby's thoughts are with you tonight . God bless you all
  3. Boo boys

    Bit disappointed with some of the moans and groans around me yesterday in what ,I thought, was a good professional job by Hibs against a very decent team. The expectation by quite a few in the ground seems to be that teams should be thrashed at Easter Road but as we all know that is ok on...
  4. The I need a ticket please help thread...

    Birmingham buddies I need a couple of tickets for a couple of friends from Warwickshire. One, in particular, has been a diehard Hibby for a lot of years and spent a lot of cash getting to matches . Be a shame if they coudn't get a ticket for the final. :sad
  5. Benji released

    Benji Absolutely spot on :applause::bye
  6. Maude McFarlane

    Re: Maud McFarlane Maud was a legend at Easter Road sad to hear of her passing R.I.P.
  7. Just back

    Seems to me a lot of good managers ain't in the dugout!!!!!!:banger:
  8. Penalty.....

    Let's get things clear here -Miller dived , there was no contact , and the ball had ran away from the forward-all of that makes it clear that it was no penalty . C'mon guys don't condone that cheating wee mixed up hun!!!!:tuttut:
  9. Murray

    This is great news! Ian Murray has been Mr consistency since returning to the club and has been a credit to himself with quality performances week in week out :yas:
  10. Hughes Swung it for Gow

    Interesting stuff!
  11. Andy Murray.

    Well done Andy !!!!!!!!!
  12. Signings this month

    I have no doubt Yogi and Chipper are beavering away behind the scenes to strengthen the squad . No need to panic as I'm absolutely certain that we will have 1 or 2 new faces by the close of the transfer window. Keep the faith :fyi:
  13. Highlights fae yesterday

    It was a foul on the ' keeper - no doubt.The foul on Nish is a penalty ! We're all supposed to be Hibs fans on here for God's sake why do people want to find reasons to be controversial ? Why do people on here have an agenda against certain players - it puzzles me tbh!!:tuttut:
  14. Who's the worst referee in Scotland

    Underhill has retired-best ref by far-might have been something to do with him being a Geordie(I believe) therefore no agenda.
  15. cup ticket prices

    Have to say I think the pricing is fair in todays climate :102:
  16. Who's the worst referee in Scotland

    Has to be David Somers-he's a nightmare!:tuttut:
  17. George Best

    Can anyone give a definitive answer to this or point me in the ight direction???
  18. George Best

    A sizeable wager rests on this- "Did Best ever score a goal at Parkhead during his spell at Hibs"?
  19. Hibs vs AEK Athens UEFA Cup 27.09.01 video?

    It was a great atmosphere all round the ground !!!!!:Sparkle_Cool:
  20. Ian Murray

    Totally agree :applause::applause:
  21. well done rankin

    Thought that was one of Rankins best games for us tbh and thank God cos' the rest of midfield were poor yesterday! I agree that Cregg should get more playing time and, in particular, yesterday the game was screaming out for someone like him to shore up the middle of the park!
  22. Hibernian v Falkirk Highlights

    Maka is still a bomb scare!!!!:pullhair:
  23. Referee for game against St. Mirren

    Hope you ain't jinxed things Mr A.!!!!!:tuttut::tuttut:
  24. Sunshine on Leith at The ProclaimersA

    Was there last night too and thought the guys were brilliant. First time I've seen them in Weedgieland and was a bit wary but the atmosphere was superb and surprisingly saw a few Hibs scarves and t's on show . Thought the stuff they did off the new album was excellent.:applause:
  25. Potted Hough

    Wee local butcher here in Motherwell sells a mean tub of "POTTED HEID" . Superb on plain bread toasted with butter!!!!!:smug:
  26. BBC Scotland

    It's "The One Show" on my telly!!!!
  27. should hibs aim for third place or push it further??

    Top 4 more realistic!!!! Great start tho' but I still think we have a bit to go before we can realistically challenge for a higher finish.
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