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  1. Henderson To Deliver - Single (PRE-ORDER NOW)

    Daft iTunes link is sending people to Music instead of ITunes Store. Link sorted mate. Hope it works :-)
  2. Henderson To Deliver - Single (PRE-ORDER NOW)

    It will be available through Amazon MP3. I was expecting it to be available for pre-order there also but no sign of it yet. Release date is April 10th so it definitely will be up then. - - - Updated - - - Works for me? Try the one below? Apologies. Henderson to Deliver - Single by Jack...
  3. Henderson To Deliver - Single (PRE-ORDER NOW)

    Henderson To Deliver is now available for pre-order on iTunes. It will be released on Monday 10th April, just in time for the semifinal. I hope to hear it blasting on all the buses en route to Hampden :bbb: Like most, it took me a while to let it all sink in. It was November before I...
  4. Disabled Hibs fan refused entry to the Semi-Final for being 'too drunk'

    He wasn't drunk, definitely not too drunk to enter a football match. He obviously had a couple of drinks before the game as did a large majority of the support.... Basically what I'm trying to say is he has disease and that was the reason his body was moving uncontrollably not alcohol, this is...
  5. Disabled Hibs fan refused entry to the Semi-Final for being 'too drunk'

    Absolute disgusting behavior from the G4S security at Hampden on Saturday. Was talking to Derek and his daughters in Shettleston Juniors Club after the game and really couldn't believe what had happened. He suffers from Huntington's Disease, this means he's not in full control over his body, and...
  6. An album without a bad track on it

    The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses The Enemy - We Live and Die In These Towns The Fratellis - Costello Music Miles Kane - Colour Of The Trap The Libertines - Up The Bracket Twisted Wheel - Twisted Wheel The View - Hats Off To The Buskers The Courteeners - St.Jude The Beatles - Sgt Peps +...
  7. Ross C 1 v 0 Hibernian

    It's like if Griffiths doesn't score or isn't on form we can't put the ball in the net. Desperate need of a new striker!
  8. Help? Yams Game.

    Does anyone know if you can still buy tikets for the away end? Or can you from the Jambo Ticket Office? :)
  9. Scottish Independence - Aye or Naw?

    Ayee, everyone has the right Nationality :)
  10. Faacck!

    Stop your messin around......!
  11. Faacck!

    Get oot ma thread! :)
  12. Faacck!

    It's been a long time since I have been on here :wow: Hello to everyone and hopefully I come on the boune a lot more. Iam such a busy lad, too much work i say :smug: :giggle: Just thought i would say Hello again. Peace bandit
  13. Fixtures

    Good shout ^ Same day as Oasis, Kasabian And The Enemy (Reverand And The Makers Anaw) :giggle: Wooo hoooo. Inverness Away is always a good trip. Can't wait for the season to start, no matter what game :laff: CG'08.
  14. Benji againt !!

    Thanks for info Am!! :) Bring back Benji!
  15. Confirmed Officially - Its John Hughes

    Yogggggiiii! :yas: Good news if you ask me :smug:
  16. Tour of Ireland confirmed.

    In Florida. Miss Bolton and all the other games! Think I can only make Dunfermline :sadwalk:
  17. Off the Line?

  18. Off the Line?

    The linesman didn't give it so it wasn't a goal.... Don't see what the fuss is about :wink:
  19. Flat Outside The Shed.

    Ipe, exactly! :boxing:
  20. Flat Outside The Shed.

    Anyone see the scummy fuucks with their Union Jack hanging out the window of the flat? Doubt their windows will be in one piece tomorrow morning. Scumbags like. Group of people started lobbing bricks/stones at the window and they quickly grabbed the flag and locked the windows :laff...
  21. An official has the "bottle" to go against one of the old firm!!

    Get it up yeeeeee. First time I have saw Hibs get something against the Old Firm, Wayhee :)
  22. The Hearts Groundstaff

    Its all in the fun of being a football fan, mon the cabbage! :)
  23. The Hearts Groundstaff

    Saw the ugly ned one kick the scarf :laff: Get It Up Yeeeeeee!!!
  24. thicot

    He was emense tonight :) Mon The Cabbage :smug:
  25. get in there

    That it was!!!! :lol: Class :yas: :yas:
  26. get in there

    Wallace Mercer, 6ft Underrr
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