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  1. Chris G Whyte

    Just back..and Hecks wheel keeps on turning...

    Having watched the game from happy Helensburgh, I think Celtic probably had the slightly higher number of great chances. That having been said, and as others have pointed out, it was an amusingly good game considering nobody actually scored (given that the ball should have hit the net several...
  2. Chris G Whyte

    Rod and the SFA

    If Petrie becomes anything like in control of the SFA, then it strengthens my football departure from two years ago.
  3. Chris G Whyte

    Realistic finishing place?

    Honestly? I think it's a fundamentally bizarre season, statistically. We haven't been consistent at all, from what I can tell, more of a team that goes on runs (both good and bad) and that's about it. We're now on a good one, and are likely to have a bad one before the season ends. Given...
  4. Chris G Whyte


    The opinion differences are interesting, just because a lot of them have reasonable commentary that you can't dismiss even if you disagree with the conclusion. For example, I still think Hanlon is a good player but needs to completely clear his injury (which we don't know if he has), AND play in...
  5. Chris G Whyte

    Full Time: St Murn 1 v 3 Hibs

  6. Chris G Whyte

    Fans reps

    They could, but even blog-related content sees a relatively small amount of interaction with people. It's about variety, and that would include an amount of work beyond two people to realistically cover.
  7. Chris G Whyte

    Fans reps

    Aye, that's a big issue. What's actually been going on when a lot of the things that they do isn't well communicated outside a couple of small groups that supporters aren't heavily involved in? It's worth noting that a lot of this issue isn't actually caused by the representatives; it's caused...
  8. Chris G Whyte

    Fans reps

    It's funny. I like both individuals when talking about the club representatives, but the reality is that the system is something I just don't support. I wanted to, and even tried to, but the reality is that (when push comes to shove) elected supporters have no real influence and are expected to...
  9. Chris G Whyte

    January break - yea or nay?

    @aggie sums it up.
  10. Chris G Whyte

    Just Back........deary me

    This is pretty much where I sit. The midfield we had last year was exceptional, because it had that bit of everything. It had fight, it had technical ability, it had coordination, it had incision. Sadly, the loss of McGinn, McGeouch and Allan dropped the standard by an amount that we haven't...
  11. Chris G Whyte

    Hibernian v Livingston

    A point is better than a defeat, but a win would have put us up to fifth ahead of both Livingston and Hearts; now we need to beat that lot on Wednesday, just to remind everyone who the better side is.
  12. Chris G Whyte

    Serious question

    Looking at it, I think the problem isn't as bad as all that. Only Celtic and 'Rangers' (first and second, assuming they take points from their two games in hand) have scored more than us this season, despite the fundamentally poor run that we're currently on. We're on an average of 1.6 a game...
  13. Chris G Whyte

    Full Time: Kilmarnock 3 vs 0 Hibs

    Overall, it's starting to look like a season where our 'goal' is hitting the top-six. Anything less than that is a significant failure.
  14. Chris G Whyte

    Time to close the bounce down?

    Aye, that's pretty much true. The reality is that 'conversations' are notoriously difficult to have via social media - they weren't designed for that.
  15. Chris G Whyte

    Time to close the bounce down?

    I've explained why I contribute much less, but... The reality is that forums, in general, are losing much of their impact as time moves on. As more and more move themselves to the social media that a great many of us dislike, they're not saying they hate forums; they're simply (and possibly...
  16. Chris G Whyte

    Scottish Cup Draw

    Hearts against Livingston could be tasty. If we both win, we'll get them in one of the next two rounds of course.
  17. Chris G Whyte


    It's a poor result, given the two-goal lead and the other results. Had we won this, and gotten a result from our game in hand, we'd have surpassed several and ended up a mere two behind Hearts. Disappointing.
  18. Chris G Whyte

    Hibernian v Dundee

    I was going to post something like this, but yours is an absolutely ideal assessment of where we are. Personally, I dislike the somewhat increasing frustration of Mr. Lennon because I don't blame him for it. He's needing to adapt how we play, given the loss of the league's most incisive...
  19. Chris G Whyte

    Full Time: Hibs 6 v 0 Hamilton

    It wasn't an insult, really. Merely an assessment about someone who manages to logically contradict himself in the range of a single sentence. But it's in the wrong forum, so fair's fair.
  20. Chris G Whyte

    Full Time: Hibs 6 v 0 Hamilton

    Ah, you’re a gem. No idea, clearly, how obviously contradictory your stance is. Self-determination is the ONLY way Scotland gets to control the societal wealth and power you claim the real issue is. Tool.
  21. Chris G Whyte

    This seasons points target

    I think it’s pretty steady progression, overall, particularly given that we’re still not at full strength. We’re two points better off than last year, scored once more and lost four less. We’re averaging two points per game which, if the season continues that way, will see us conclude the...
  22. Chris G Whyte

    Full Time: St Mirren 0 v 1 Hibernian

    Aye, fair correction. Tuesday. But I think the players will be deeply disappointed. I'd be disappointed if they weren't.
  23. Chris G Whyte

    Full Time: St Mirren 0 v 1 Hibernian

    Once again, though, we really should be further ahead than this. The game should really be finished as a contest.
  24. Chris G Whyte

    Full Time: St Mirren 0 v 1 Hibernian

    Big game this, actually. We're comfortably better than the buddies, but really need to recover from Wednesday's disappointment.
  25. Chris G Whyte


    Potentially, but I still think Porteous is in the development stage and will have the odd hopeless game as a result. Under those circumstances, McGregor is the obvious guy to step in and cover him, while providing a professional example. I was a Shanlon guy. It's not something I'm happy about...
  26. Chris G Whyte

    Woefully Short Up Front

    Mmm, lots of sensible commentary. My own insensible view is that this could be a problem we've had for a long time; namely, a problem with finding the net as often as our dominance would suggest. An inability to score goals was Butcher's calamity, Stubbs didn't really fix it (hence his failure...
  27. Chris G Whyte

    Full Time: Hibernian 0 v 0 Aberdeen AET (Sheep win on Pens)

    Tough to stomach a performance like this if we don’t go on and win. We’ve dominated.
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