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  1. Sir Shrink


    Used to have quite a smart (made to measure, Jackson the Tailor) green suit, wide flared trousers, two large vents on jacket, ticket pocket etc……….. worn with an emerald green shirt, green 'regimental' tie and green and tan platforms to Ibrox for Hibs game in the days of non-segregation. When I...
  2. Sir Shrink

    Game v Livi

    Took my youngest to a snow covered and open East Terracing when he was two. Whilst I was tending to his older brother who ‘wanted sweeties’ I became aware of laughter behind me and turned to find the youngest, dressed in one of these all in one snow suits (do you still get them for bairns?)...
  3. Sir Shrink

    Since 1875

    Blimey Moaty. That sounds a bit uncomfortable. With your 'condition' too. Did you bring a couple of hot water bottles? You could have used them for urination purposes and kept yourself warm at the same time. Just refill when they go cold. :54:
  4. Sir Shrink

    Bus Shelter tickets

    £32 is disgraceful. I might not bother putting myself through the stressfest that is 'trying to get tickets' and give it a miss.
  5. Sir Shrink

    Questions to the Board

    Blimey! They didn't overcharge you for tyres too? :lookaround:
  6. Sir Shrink


  7. Sir Shrink

    Questions to the Board

    Maybe this is something that @Tracey could pick up? Seems a bit of conflict resolution may be required. The Since1875 guys good works shouldn't be ignored or denigrated because of the actions of a few dafties who may not have anything to do with the group anyway. Flares isn't a good idea, but...
  8. Sir Shrink

    Just back and that we very well played Hibernian

    It's pretty misleading isn't it. And it looks as though we are a bit daft when we claim 'sell-out' and TV pictures show at least a couple of thousand empty seats. My understanding is that we are simply copying a trend, set by the Bigot Bros and the Gunts, so that we don't continue to feed the...
  9. Sir Shrink

    Just back and that we very well played Hibernian

    I'm wasted most nights to be fair. :54:
  10. Sir Shrink

    Just back and that we very well played Hibernian

    Fcuksake Moaty. I've put my hand up for it. Dinnae rub it in eh? :cryy:
  11. Sir Shrink

    Just back and that we very well played Hibernian

    It's a fair cop guv. But in my defence, it's just something I do.
  12. Sir Shrink

    Just back and that we very well played Hibernian

    He's reet peteet as someone said phonetically. How soul destroying for 'Wee Stevie Mallan' who probably towers over him yet has such a shit chant.
  13. Sir Shrink

    Realistic finishing place?

    I was pretty impressed by Curtis Main yesterday. The guy did a first rate impression of the 'real' Mr Blobby (not the guy who owned Meadowbank and turned it into Livi FC) who was a mate of annoying 'celeb' Noel Edmonds and ran about crashing into people for 'entertainment purposes'. Twice that...
  14. Sir Shrink


    It's like the seventies.......... we are all pretty sure what the team will be, before it's announced. Different reasons for it though. Mallan was a 'wee dynamo' - his movement off the ball was great and even tackling a few times! Well done wee man.
  15. Sir Shrink

    Questions to the Board

    Bit harsh to ban displays if it's all about streamers falling on folk. Surely must be more to it than that, or Leeann has lost the plot.
  16. Sir Shrink

    Questions to the Board

    Have they? Why's that? Yon fella BouncerRoss says nobody got banned?
  17. Sir Shrink

    Snow affecting today?

    “We’ll let you know as soon as we do.” Excellent.
  18. Sir Shrink

    Supporting fellow Bouncers

    Good stuff 1875. I’m not a real Shrink, but if all else fails..... And by that I mean you have to be really desperate- and be prepared to pay for the beer...... then I’m here for you. PM me the relevant pics of the woman causing the issue just in case it’s a known case.
  19. Sir Shrink

    The Proclaimers at the Castle

    I’ve got tickets too - or rather paid for them. Can’t remember the date so it should be a nice surprise when they arrive.
  20. Sir Shrink

    Dealing with paedophiles?

    Maybe a PM to Super T to alert him, and you guys take down your posts too - as the quote is in there?
  21. Sir Shrink

    LD statement

    Some of us don’t need a reason.
  22. Sir Shrink

    LD statement

    That’s the gamble. If successful then great. If not, then budget cuts. Our Board are pretty renowned for being risk adverse after our near financial collapse.
  23. Sir Shrink

    JPS for knives!

  24. Sir Shrink


    Ouch. Et tu Moaty.
  25. Sir Shrink

    LD statement

    1875 gets it. It’s down to cash. We are not ‘giving them extra seats’ as some claim. We cut the allocation when we could sell most of them to Hibs fans. This time, due to poor marketing or poor response from Hibs fans, we reverted to previous. Buy a seat ban a Hun.
  26. Sir Shrink

    LD statement

    I’m not so sure Jabba has achieved his aims with this ridiculous action. Whilst it adds to the strategy they have adopted [we are the victims and everyone picks on us] so ‘evidences’ just how badly they get bullied………… :lookaround: It also paints them into a corner a bit. Now that even Jabba...
  27. Sir Shrink

    LD statement

    Criticising Hibs Fans? Of course!

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