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    Charlie Reid The Hibs could be Unstoppable

    Check this out. Excellent Interview and so so true. GGTTH. Lets get behind the club and get us back where we belong. Charlie Reid on Hibs and HSL - YouTube
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    Leeann and HSL

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    Leeann and HSL

    What a difference they have made to our club. 2 very good Signings today and more to come very soon I'm told. The feel good factor is back at Easter road. I myself Renewed weeks ago and also contribute to shares through with HSL every month. I am so Happy we have Leeann on board at our club as...
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    Kevin Thomson

    I was in the shop talking to alex who owns the shop and knows Kevin and he told me to wait 10 minutes as Kevin was poping in. just need to pop in and ask alex yourself as this is what he told us.
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    Kevin Thomson

    spoke to Kev this afternoon in the Gyle centre, asked him if he was injured or why he was not in the team on Saturday, told me he had just been dropped and butcher does not like his style of play ( too slow) he also went on to say he is now 29 and is not going to change. Said he is fully fit has...
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    Hibs Goal Music

    it's spooneys request after he scores.
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    Recording of the game

    I know what your saying, but why did you not post on all the posts on with these photo's and video's which are copyrighted?. and why not ask why they were not deleted. no matter now anyway, been in touch with a friend who works for ESPN and a full copy in HD on the way to me...
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    Recording of the game

    aye, so is posting up photo's with watermarks which are copyright and video's on you tube of the game. but that is ok aye
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    Recording of the game

    some good Hibby must have it, c.mon hibby's help us out here. want to watch it over and over before the final.
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    Recording of the game

    anybody help ?
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    Recording of the game

    Can anybody help with a copy of the whole game recoreded live yesterday on ESPN. Wife forgot to record it for me. I will pay for any costs etc.. for a copy. keep all for a collection and want so much to add this one to it. please could someone help with this. bbc sports copys are to short and...
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    Stadium Smoking Policy

    That's why you should vote Yes then? there must have been half the stand outside smoking, so there is a lot of smokers to take in account. Hibs done it for the Rangers game when it suited them so it can be done. one steward at the gates coming into the ground and it's all sorted. after all it...
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    Stadium Smoking Policy

    Smoking poll Do you think Hibs should let us smokers out at half time for a smoke and keep everybody happy ? I say yes, as it's so easy to keep everybody happy, just open one door and put one steward at the gates coming into the ground. would stop all the non smokers breathing our...
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    Smoking poll

    Can we get a smoking poll started and sent to hibs with the results, there must have been half the stand outside smoking, so would this not be better for everyone that us smokers are outside and not inside annoying the non smokers by smoking in the toilets etc. It is so easy for hibs to keep...
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    Gow en route

    He may be back at Hibs sooner than you think :wink:
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    He even looks Happy Port Vale v Aberdeen | Club News | Club News | News and Features | Aberdeen
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    Just on radio forth that Hartley was at the Aberdeen game tonight and has good as signed for them with just a couple of things to tie up.:approve: :bbb:
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    Paul Hartley - Rumour or P**H

    He is talking to the Yams now:rollfloor
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    Predictions For The Derby

    Nish is out for this game:read:
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    Hibs to win cup price

    It's just that I can't get on willy hill etc in the work, and a few mates are asking what the price is?
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    Hibs to win cup price

    Anyone know what the price is now for Hibs to go on and win the cup?
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    Help Made a little wooden block for my old east stand seat and it's looking good, just got to paint it green and then paint the hibs crest on. so went up to the hibs shop to buy one of the crest stencils they sold but no luck sold out Has anybody got one of those stencils i could borrow and...
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    Anyone heading up to Perth?

    Will be there with a work mate courtesy of John Rankin :smug:
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    Filling in the corners

    This Thursday 11/02/10 :wink:
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    Gow permanent deal?

    Yes, wanna bet :wink:
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    'Real' Supporters In The East Stand..

    Want a bet on that :wink:
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    Riordan's post match interview

    Anybody have any links to the interview:g:

Hibs v Motherwell

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