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    Syrian based British girl

    Cannae really hae yet cake and eat it.. she could turn oot tae be a Trojan Horse. (When I think aboot it, the expression should be" can't eat your cake and have it)
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    Bruno Ganz RIP

    Great loss to the world of acting.....he would have been perfect for the role of Neil Lennon in DOWNFALL 2
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    Cup Tickets

    The Capital's Bustards feather their nests while the Poorowls wait in tern.....KARL MARX ON ETICKETING, IN THE CAPITAL 1875
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    Question Time

    A weak,unctious reptile
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    The Rothesay murder trial

    .....a Dallas decision?
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    Leeann's press conference

    She's one tough cookie! She even cuts her ane hair!
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    Syrian based British girl

    I know there's some passionate views being expressed here, and it's probably not the time for levity, but is that what is meant by "a real Heidbin"?
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    As anal as analogy
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    Scottish Cup Draw Hibernian v Celtc

    Is it likely to be A 12:30 kick off on Sun?
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    Public Toilets
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    Who do you fancy in the next round?

    When is the draw and next match?
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    Noah Nocean!
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    Never liked that big bullying Liam Neeson
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    Aye...he called it Perry Maison
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    Public Toilets

    Moaty.....just saying.... didn't you mention that you had a Lidl wetsuit that ye hadnae used.....
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    Green & Blacks has to be chocolate for Hibees
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    She has spoken

    It was an interview for Hibs; she was never going to be put under any sort of pressure.Nevertheless, I still get the feeling she is pretty capable and clued in.Bit disappointed she used used that expression -GOING FORWARD....hate that.At what point was that replace FROM NOW ON? Somebody, at some...
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    Or was it Eric Cantona?
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    With all the recent media focus, I imagine,as Kerry Katona once said, ze seagulls will be following ze trawler
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    Wrong direction

    .......people could see through us?
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    Wrong direction

    Take a look at the last of the SIMILAR THREADS below.....WHERE DID IT ALL GO WRONG.That was 10/ 04 /16
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    Lennon gone?

    Seems that posters are clutching at straws
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    Wacky Races

    Don't think Peter Perfect has got a mention
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    Rabbie Burns

    If too aft he points the finger,and blames and scowls like carnaptious whinger, show him dour, dinnae let him linger, douse the ire o the fiery ginger. ODE TO LEANNE 25/ 01/2019 FRIDAY
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    Rabbie Burns

    Dunno what Moaty was going to say there.Maybe Amnesia or Alzheimer's....we may never know......maybe Angst!

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