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    Pars v Hibs

    Another week closer to being champions. Intresting week coming up with us and Falkirk both playing the toughest away games in league.
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    Deer Park Sons & Daughters of Lizzie Bryce Harp Bus Songs list...

    Dont stop me now for Ivan reasons. :bbb:
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    Whos all goin for there tickets today

    Im in the online Q :bbb:
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    Who thinks Yogi should stay?

    He is managing above his level!!! Gutted for him but he has to go!! Hopefully as he is a good hibee he will know this and feck off!! I am fed up with his 110% totally committed 110% totally everything!! At this level you need more than this sweat, blood and tears he is way out of his depth...
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    Maribor live stream link

    Link CMMedia on Crap quality but better than the clowns at HTV. Posted by DarrenSQH
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    The Replay

    Going to ask for a half day at work on monday. Think its about 30 mins past ICT's ground.
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    From keekback

    This was just posted on kickback.
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    player of the year 08/09

    It has to be Jones for POY and Fletch for YPOY. Jones has been excellant for weeks!!! I can see why some people are backing Bamba but personally even though he has done well for a player played out of position!! he is a liabilty at right back (Driver ripped him and white flag the other week...
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    U19's : Hibs 1v1 Yams

    Finished 1-1. need to beat motherwell to win the league.
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    U19's : Hibs 1v1 Yams

    1-1 now. ten mins left. Dont know who scored for hearts.
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    U19's : Hibs 1v1 Yams

    0-0 at Murray park with 20 mins to go. Rangers have ten men.
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    6 figure bid for Jones

    Seems Hibs arent happy with the way united have went about this and are reporting them to the football association. Story about it on
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    could bamba be better than jones

    N0!!!! Jones is the best centre half we have had for years. Can't believe this thread!!! Bamba was a nightmare in midfield last week after having a fairly good 1st 10 mins. In the 2nd half he was totally useless as he could not touch anybody as he had already been booked. Both bookings were...
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    Player Ratings for Today

    Murray MOM by a mile!!!! Stevenson had his best game in ages. Fletcher quality as ever. Bamba!!! the whole stadium knew he would get set off!!! Why did he not get subbed at half time? Never a midfield player!! Hopeless
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    hibs hat on grand designs C4

    pat nevin was in the crowd at the Chelsea liverpool game with a Hibs scarf on. Was sitting behind the dug out. ***posted by Darren, forgot to log dad out. ****
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    Jones is the best centre half we have had in a few years. Hogg is the one we need to replace. He was at fault for the goal as he rarely wins a header and if he does he has a head like a biscuit tin!!!! McCann Murray Jones Stevenson would be my back four!!!! Cannot believe your...
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    Murray so far.....?

    Best player today!!! A bit nervous to start off with but came onto a good game. A few games under his belt and he will only get better. A Jones and Murray partnership will be a hugh improvement on what we have at the moment.
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    Finally a decent post, totally agree with you. I was 5 rows back and Maka did well to get anywhere near it!!! Why do people not have a go at Hogg for not winning the header? Centre halfs are suppossed to win headers Hogg isnae the best at this and it is definitely not his strength. He should...
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    Alan O'Brien

    O'Brien has had half a season and has not really produced the goods. He nearly always passes the ball back from were it came and today he had a good oppertunity to turn and run at the Rangers but his first touch was poor:banger: With his pace he should be running past defenders but seems to...
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    Gathuessi - worst of a bad lot

    Gathuessi is one of the worst players I have seen in a Hibs jersey in a long long time. He is a dreadful and I would be delighted if never wears a Hibs strip again!!! He is half decent going forward but as a defender he has not got a clue and right backs need to be able to defend. Hopefully the...
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    'Wee Hoggy'

    "WEE HOGGY" says it all, he did all right today but as a centre half he needs to win more in the air, he is not commanding enough and definately does not win enough in the air. Lets not be picky as today is a good result and we should be talking about that!! but Hogg would be my "reserve Centre...
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    Shelton Martis Slams Collins Now

    I think people are going over the top when they say Martis was one of the worse players to ever pull on a Hibs shirt!! We have had to put up with a lot worse!!! He was a good defender/tackler but the problem for Martis is that you have to play fitba with a ba!! He was hopeless. How we got 50k...
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    Should We Now Drop All The Chat On Off Field Antics For Now And Concentrate On...

    Agree that we should concentrate on Sunday game. I'm getting side tracked like every Hibee, everytime I hear a player is involved I already have them transferred as no player is bigger than HFC!! Then the next thread denies that player was every involved!!!!!. Can we leave all this to Monday...
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    deano and simon brown to leave

    Why slag off McNeil before a semi final, every keeper has his moments. Remember Goram was only 4ft 21". We should concentrate on the ER6.
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    **New Bounce/Hibs Flag**

    How come that i have the bounce flag co owners forum and Daz doesnt. He is gutted like. :laff::rollfloor
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    **New Bounce/Hibs Flag**

    Just donated to the flag :thumbgrin

Motherwell v Hibs

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