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    Fans reps

    Regular ?????? Maybe 40 fuckin years ago
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    Al-Wasl FC Vs Hibs

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    Al-Wasl FC Vs Hibs

    Just back pending ?
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    January break - yea or nay?

    Sorry, thought you meant fans reps
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    January break - yea or nay?

    Do we still have them then ?
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    Lennon rips into Kamberi

    Just dinnae get Lennon slagging the laddie off in public
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    Hibernian v the Huns 2012

    Aye and naw
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    Just back, well no really but.....

    Thanks for the just back, really look forward to it especially after a result like this
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    How do we beat Celtc....

    cannae wait for the just back
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    9th Min for Sparky...

    pardon you definately dont get it
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    9th Min for Sparky...

    Just a hypothetical question, wid anybody be suggesting we join in and sing wi’ the huns if it was Daz and he was still playing for them, I think not
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    Celtic game

    Thought it was only 7 days ?
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    Just back and that was much better Hibernian

    Thanks for the just back. For those o thanks for the just back, for those of us that can’t make it very often it keeps us in touch from a fans perspective.A long awaited win
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    Ugly Sisters to get half the stand

    a draw wid be good
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    Hibernian v The Huns

    Fuck Celtic anaw. 2 cheeks etc.
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    The alleged punch

    The halfwit got himself on bother no’ us
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    Is Lenny Going To Walk?

    No time for sectarian or racist abuse of any description but I seem tae remember Neil got every other type of abuse going when he came tae Easter Road wi’ the soapies.
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    The alleged punch

    Hopefully, after Wednesday the authorities will sit up and take note of the abuse he gets. I’ve never in my time watching football seen any manager get the amount of personal abuse he does . On your other point if someone on a forum tells everybody who disagrees with him to “ fuck off and take...
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    The alleged punch

    If you say so
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    The alleged punch

    Not at all but it’s nice to have differences of opinion without resorting to abuse
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    The alleged punch

    You can have a difference of opinion without getting abusive. Nobody is suggesting that what you’ve listed shouldnae be dealt wi’ , but ye cannae shout about getting something done about a’ that shite and then suggest that our own idiots get away wi’ it. My opinion of course.
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    The alleged punch

    Especially the ones that drag the name of our club down tae the same level as the bigot brothers and the gorgie mob
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    Full Time: Gunts 0 v 0 Hibernian

    Spot on, Flo’s second yellow shouldnae have even been a free kick he got tae the ba’ 1st
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    The alleged punch

    I know he wasn’t, read what I said.
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    The alleged punch

    Just a question, do you think the guy that threw the coin at Neil,that could have done some damage, shouldnae be turned in?
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    The alleged punch

    If there was a punch he should be turned in or we’re nae better than anybody else, but watching tv replays I never saw any punches being thrown, I thought somebody threw the ba’ at him and it hit his legs, although my eyes ain’t what they used tae be

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