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  1. moathibby

    Hibs club

    You'll be surprised by the changes.The Whelehan Lounge is well smart.
  2. moathibby


    Was James Connolly kit man?
  3. moathibby


    A year before my grandad was born.
  4. moathibby

    Simon Howie Breakfast Pack

    Bit sellfish of him.
  5. moathibby


    Remember it took Thatcher 7 attempts to get rid of Callaghan,I think May's in a much weaker position than he was. May was beaten yesterday by the biggest margin ever seen in parliamentary history.She is far from safe.Corbyn is quite right to not play ball.Why the hell should he,this govt. has...
  6. moathibby

    The Elgin City Game

    So the game's in two days time.Who would you play?Who's fit?Who's left?Who's new?To tell the truth I've no idea.Borgan?Grey?Porteus,Mcgregor,Stevenson?Milligan,Mallan,Gould?Kamberi,A.N.Other?
  7. moathibby


    DUP keep May in office.Had they voted against her she would have lost by 1.
  8. moathibby


    What?and be told James Connolly was a terrorist?No thanks.
  9. moathibby


    Corbyn should be insisting all those tories who voted against May should vote for no confidence otherwise they are hypocrits.
  10. moathibby


    I wish to leave Europe and leave the United Kingdom, what vote do I get none?How democratic is that?
  11. moathibby

    Global Warming

    It's not down to individuals it's down to a fundamental change in society, and that's going to take a revolution.
  12. moathibby


    Only done it the twice,it was pretty sair.
  13. moathibby


    See I was thinking if I came into a bit of money I would like to get a Trotsky slaying a Capitalist Dragon on my back.But if it's sairer than getting your foreskin caught in a zip maybe I'll not bother.
  14. moathibby


    No,no' that army marchy stuff up the Castle,but yon body adorements.It hasn't escaped my notice that they are quite popular now.I don't have any but I would imagine the whole'they're sair to get'has been overplayed as plenty of people have them and some have more than one.So are they sair?Are...
  15. moathibby

    Donation email..

  16. moathibby

    Greatest Scottish sports star of all time?

    I don't know how you're supposed to chose,Golf isn't Darts isn'tFootball.Because he's highest on my consciousness right now then Murray.
  17. moathibby

    The Favourite

    A documentary film about queen Anne?Possibly shown on BBC4 and watched by me and about a thousand other people.Or a film-not made in Holywood BTW; with a superb cast,superbly acted and giving some sort of insite into the court of Queen Anne.I presume it had quite a lot based on facts...
  18. moathibby

    The Favourite

    Whooo,like tumbleweed going past.Has nobody else seen it?Or did you all hate it and your not saying?
  19. moathibby

    Shake N'Vac

    Was only a ten week course.But it starts again in about two weeks time right back at the beginning though
  20. moathibby

    Ryan Gauld - deal done reported on BBC & Hibs Twitter

    Good,that's a move in the right direction.
  21. moathibby

    Eggy language

    That's when I started at Craigentinny Primary and heard the older kids talking it.
  22. moathibby

    Eggy language

    I think you'll find this post was started by jimtom.All I said that it was a language talked by primary school kids.If Jimtom agrees to differ that's his prerogative.If there's a thread of mine you don't like move on or come up with something better yourself.
  23. moathibby

    Andy Murray to Retire?

    Sad to see he's called it a day.After winning Wimbledon I'd have given him the freedom of Leith,if not Edinburgh.I hope since he's a hibbie he maybe puts something into the club,maybe make him a director or something.It would be great to give him a standing ovation at a big match.
  24. moathibby

    In pursuit of a white pudding supper

    Unless it's a foodstuff perceived to be taken by a certain section in society, such as Kosher or Halal.
  25. moathibby

    In pursuit of a white pudding supper

    You can't be racist against a foodstuff.
  26. moathibby

    Eggy language

    A language used by schoolkids in the late sixties of the ages between about 6-9.
  27. moathibby


    Canny mind what the whistley tube things were called?Whistleytubes probably.

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