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  1. zondervan

    Hibs casuals and racism

    We all seen some messy stuff when the CCS ran a-mock, but I cannot recall anything racist like as described in the article. Few Hibs boys on here that were also into the club promoting scene. Would be good to get their view. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Site News: Forum Features...

    Looks great and works fine on both iPhone and also using Tapatalk [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Military coup in Turkey

    We may be pro-Muslim but all are welcome. Here we are at the cup final. I am patiently awaiting the outcome of the EGM...... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. zondervan

    Hows your workday going?

    First day back in The Widows tomorrow. As a traditionalist, I still wear a suit, collar and tie, and tomorrow it will be green tie and white shirt (in fact, pretty much the same as the team had on for the parade). Graduate trainee was a Rangers fan, and he got me a wee bottle of Champagne...
  5. zondervan

    UK Number One 30 Years Ago Today

    Must admit I was Pet Shop Boys daft growing up in the 80's. Bought every single and 12" import I could get my hands on. In fact, I used to skive school every Friday morning and head up to HMV and Virgin; this was the day they got their delivery in and they always had lots of rare imports from...
  6. zondervan

    Uber No More You Gotta Get GETT

    @smurf Mad Mike/DZOK has spoken and wishes me to pass on his thanks for your comments sticking up for the radio cabbies. He is currently sitting in his taxi on a rank waiting on a fare (probably sticking pins in a voodoo doll of Brainwrong!). Here ends this message from Mad Mike. Sent...
  7. zondervan

    Samsung vs topkapi

    Darios was a favourite of mine, but normally for a sit-down scran. Because it had the 5am drinks licence, you could stumble out the clubs at 3am, order a pizza and a litre of house white. This kept you going until 5am before continuing at either the Penny Black, the Old Salt or the Red Lion...
  8. zondervan

    Lost Edinburgh pubs/clubs

    I should have known that considering I used to be in The Citrus every week. Was a total under-age joint as well as you allude to above! Going to stick my neck out and say that "Sinatra's" was the name of the mysterious bar/club in the middle of St James Centre. Does that ring any bells with anyone?
  9. zondervan

    Lost Edinburgh pubs/clubs

    I am convinced that there was a bar called "Topp'os", or at least something that resembled that spelling. This was the one I thought was in St James Centre?! Anyway, while googling it, I came across this wonderful link about old music venues, and I reckon Big G has been to most of them! The...
  10. zondervan

    Lost Edinburgh pubs/clubs

    There was also a cracking pub/club over 3 levels just down from St Andrew's Square, where the McDonalds is now? Also, the one in St James Centre. Boston Bean was the one you entered just over from the HMV was it not, part of the hotel. There was also one right in the middle of the centre around...
  11. zondervan

    Quality tunes by cheesy pop acts

    I don't think that is what the quote suggests. I read it as saying mainstream collaborations between 2 genres at different ends of the music spectrum would not have happened 10-20 years ago. I don't mean experimental remix type stuff, but actual "top 10" worldwide hits. So I think he was...
  12. zondervan

    Quality tunes by cheesy pop acts

    Another quote from the great man Mr Tennant. Perhaps enough for this thread to be closed down, following a knock-out victory for the 80's?! On the merging of pop, electronic/dance and hip-hop music: "I think it's quite a good development in that all these different styles of music have been...
  13. zondervan

    Quality tunes by cheesy pop acts

    Love this quote from Neil Tennant, a true pioneer of electronic music (in the 80's). (On the rap roots of "West End Girls"): "When we wrote the song, it was meant to be a rap record. It was influenced by Grandmaster Flash. If it had been sung or spoken in an American accent or rap accent you've...
  14. zondervan

    Quality tunes by cheesy pop acts

    I certainly don't class Erasure as cheesy! Vince "Synth" Clark (heterosexual as well, incidentally) is a musical genius! Yazoo & Depeche Mode, oder? One that does fit your criteria is "When Will I Be Famous?" by Bros. 12" remix is sheer class. When Will I B Famous (12 Club Mix) - YouTube Or...
  15. zondervan

    The SNP & The Creation of Police Scotland

    Fuck sake. Was looking forward to reading an interesting debate on this thread, but gave up when it turned into an Independence bore-fest. Totally agree with the OP on Police Scotland. One of the worst political decision made by our devolved Parliament.
  16. zondervan

    Music Playlist Recommendations For Spotify

    Borrrrrn, Borrrrrn to be alive!
  17. zondervan

    Music Playlist Recommendations For Spotify

    Freeez IOU. Still have the 7-incher of that stored in GGTTH attic! Absolute belter of a tune.
  18. zondervan

    Music Playlist Recommendations For Spotify

    Here is my very own personal playlist that I "shuffle" every day on my way to-and-from work. My eclectic 80s taste should not surprised those who know me! Enjoy. hits on Spotify
  19. zondervan


    To quote the great and legendary Patrick Hernandez, we were all "Born to be Alive". And that sums it up for me!
  20. zondervan

    Bundesliga Trip

    Hello mate. Assuming a home game, then best flights are direct with Lufthansa, although plenty other 1-stop options with KLM, FLYBE, BA etc. All to the main Frankfurt airport (FRA). Ryanair also fly to Frankfurt Hahn but I prefer the other options. Try Skyscanner for best deals...
  21. zondervan

    Bundesliga Trip

    Think it started in France and spread to Austria and Germany. We brought it back to ER and got the young boys in S43 to get it started. Was Ayr away in the Scottish cup that it really took off. Everton also been singing it for a season or two now also, and latterly WBA. One of the Everyon...
  22. zondervan

    Bundesliga Trip

    Eintracht Frankfurt all the way. Edinburgh Adler up and running for several years now with former bounce regular Atomic Schnitzel as our honorary president. All welcome aboard the Edinburgh Adler express, with several trips a year over to Germany taking place (to games both home and away)...
  23. zondervan

    Learning Norwegian

    I went to Norway with the school in 1985. We went to see Police Academy 2 at the pictures, dubbed in Norwegian. Det var s morsomt jeg hadde en ulykke i underbuksa!!
  24. zondervan

    Edinburgh to become a 20mph city

    Legally I would imagine not. The speed limits are national so how does someone, say, from outside Edinburgh know this they are breaking the law when going faster than 20mph as soon as the cross the "border" from Midlothian into Edinburgh? Happy to be proved wrong on this but it probably...
  25. zondervan

    Edinburgh to become a 20mph city

    Another point to consider is signage. At the moment, any street with street lights is deemed a 30mph zone. No signage is required UNLESS the speed limit varies from 30mph. So, this means that 80% of our streets are now going to require signage at various intervals (e.g. every junction) so...
  26. zondervan

    Edinburgh to become a 20mph city

    Totally agree on side streets, or main roads that run past a school for example. At the moment, 20mph limits come into play at certain tines in the day to coincide with the schools starting, lunch breaks etc. The above is pragmatic and sensible, but to make the majority of main arterial...
  27. zondervan

    Sons of Anarchy

    Thing that delayed me watching SOA was the fact it was about bikers which didn't really appeal to me. This turns out irrelevant in my opinion, as the story could be about any underworld gang or organisation running guns, drugs etc and the associated paraphernalia. SOA is up there with The...