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    RIP Gibby the hibby

    Former EEN sports reporter John "Gibby the hibby" Gibson has passed away
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    You are Neil Lennon what is hibs best formation and starting 11.

    No Hanlon, wee bit contentious no? Would go a 4-1-3-2 formation with Marciano, Gray Hanlon McGregor Stevenson Milligan...
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    Emerson Hyndman

    Done deal 6 month loan
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    So what can you remember from THAT day...

    I posted this on a hibs f/b site a few days ago and have copied and pasted it , apologies if you`ve already seen it . 21/5/16. I have 3 abiding memories that will stay with me forever, one is the last thing my dad ever bought me,it was a green lyle and scott jumper , he gave me it 2 months...
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    Close control

    Sauzee Murphy Collins , grudgingly as while at hibs his first touch was normally a tackle Beastie, only had one foot but what a foot
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    Daz injured?

    Went off clutching his hamstring last night , i hope it was just precautionary as we looked lost when he went off , not seen any mention of this and i hope he`s fit for sat
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    Big G three nil by mouth

    Lang may yer lum reek buddy
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    What’s the worst weather you’ve watched hibs?

    2 for me but the joy warmed me up , mid 80`s tynie in the gorgie road end that magical day when Stevie Archibald scored the winner , absolutely pished doon the whole day from beginning to end but what a day. Also the 2007 CIS final v killie ,me and the wee man had canvas shoes on and it was...
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    Dirtiest bassa you have seen against the Hibs

    This one goes under the radar like his niggley fouls that he never got pulled up for cos the media lauded him but for me it was Paul Mcstay , niggley little nippy sweety as a player , out and out dirty bassas i could handle but he ripped ma kniitin.
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    Nominations open for the best Hibs centre backs...

    Craig patterson anyone , just putting it out there:read:
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    Predictable press coverage ahead of pound extortion event tomorrow...

    Barker declared himself "back n better" on twitter this morning
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    On yesterday's date in History (14T content)

    Wrong again Hugh Bonkle fi Dallas :rollfloor
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    Message for Tracey or Frank

    All this says to me is , fuck sporting integrity we want your money , been so proud of my club lately but this is a kick in the baws and the rest of scottish clubs supporters are going to turn on this club i fear. What the fuck have you done !!!
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    New striker

    We`ve had mixu , let`s hope Matu is as good :dub:
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    A lasting way for the forum to remember Shaun McKinley

    Im in, might not be a lot as could`nt afford season tickets for the last 2 years as times are hard for me just now but even if it`s a fiver im in
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