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    Christchurch Terrorist Attack

    If the story is as manky as the bogs I’m not sure we need to hear it!
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    Christchurch Terrorist Attack

    Tourmalet bogs?
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    Bus Shelter tickets

    Correct. Vowed before the last derby that was it, finito. Vowed after the last derby that was it, finito. I know once tickets are available, i'll be trying for one. :-(
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    Christchurch Terrorist Attack

    You've never heard the media report on islamic fundamentalist murders and terror attacks? London Bridge, Lee Rigby, Barcelona,Nice, MEN, Westminster...all just off the top of my head. There will be plenty more, all reported in detail. The media pour over every single islamic state attack, and...
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    Omeonga called up to Belgium under 21 squad

    I'd be OK with that handle.
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    Just back and that we very well played Hibernian

    Hibs have annoyingly started to record attendances including season ticket holders not attending. We used to publish actual attendances, which is the correct thing to do. I reckon that figure is maybe a touch high, but not seeing what the East looked like, it's impossible to way of...
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    Christchurch Terrorist Attack

    So much wrong here in so few words I'm actually impressed
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    England v Scotland Rugby

    Watched it in Robbie’s. Second half was incredible. When Scotland scored our last try there’s maybe 2/3 sporting occasions that match it. Was fuckin amazing. Shane we couldn’t hold on.
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    Snow affecting today?

    dreich in Junction Street.
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    Christchurch Terrorist Attack

    I have to wonder why you'd watch that to be honest.
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    Christchurch Terrorist Attack

    Remove any link to his name or agenda, let his ideals and name disappear as he rots anonymously is a cell for the rest of his life.
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    Her getting her deal thru is a good thing I think? I regards to independence? Regulatory allignment between NI and RoI can be transposed to Scotland and England.
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    LD statement

    You misunderstand, I'm not brushing it off or making excuses, I've never said that once. Take the appropriate actions against the individual idiots. But lets not propagate the idea it's a reflection on the support or the club. Because it's not.
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    Seriously doubt it. No one wants the job she's got. Deal can't be altered, HoC can't agree, Conservative party leader elections take months, and they're miles ahead in the polls of Labour. Given all that, she's doing quite a spectacular job I think.
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    LD statement

    But it's damaging our club in the eyes of who? Do you care about the opinion of the DR or Rangers FC or some righteous uninformed eedjit? I don't. Anyone, with a scintilla of knowledge of football culture, Scottish culture or society will accept that a few bad apples don't spoil the entire...

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