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    Tv series

    Chernobyl. Tremendous
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    Game on Alba

    Just home from Manchester, worth watching?
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    Tv series

    Started watching this to hang out with my daughter, eventually got into it. The last couple of episodes have been terrible. So many problems with it.
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    Tv series

    No. I found it pretty rubbish. I've enjoyed the first couple of series too, but found the last couple trying too hard to be a puzzle.
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    It’s A Boy

    Maybe the story about him murdering Bob Marley is true, maybe he kicked his toe on purpose. I find him hugely unfunny, but over the last 20 odd years of watching his routines, I really doubt he's a racist.
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    It’s A Boy

    Danny Baker sacked by BBC for tweeting a pic of a chimpanzee. Dunno if it's a crass thoughtless tweet or PC gone bonkers. Probably both.
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    UK Defence Sectetary Williamson booted.

    He appears to be a total fanny, but I reckon he's being stitched up.
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    Hibs best ever goalkeeper EEN poll

    Jim Leighton. Kept us up for a season longer than we probably should have. Totally scunnered by the backpass rule. Goram should be struck from the history books of Hibs, no matter how good he was.
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    I hate..

    ‘Angry ramblings’ Aye right. It’s your well repeated pish.
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    I hate..

    Perfect example of the lunatic extreme of nationalism. Hating unionists is a fairly broad brush stroke, just like the total weirdos who say exactly the same about anyone who's keen on independence. Executing folk, seems like a balanced, well thought out point of view. Giving credence to...
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    Applause for Brad today....

    Also, wtf the steward wearing football boots!
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    Applause for Brad today....

    Looking at he pictures of the wee man and his pal, he'll take the ban with pride. Bradley no doubt would be laughing at the chase and the ban.Agitate.
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    Just back..and Hecks wheel keeps on turning...

    Based on nothing, I think Oli Shaw is too nice to be a successful centre forward for Hibs.
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    Gray & McGregor New Contracts

    Build a statue to our back four, Hibernian legends.
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    ST plan available again

    Nightmare mate
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