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  1. Favourite Ever Hibs Manager?

    Probably Stubbs. Delivered the holy grail and got the team playing some great football. Think he would have been more suited to is being in the top League as well.
  2. Favourite away day with Hibs

    A midweek game away to Partick in the Cup in the 90s springs to mind. Jim Leighton saving 3 penalties.
  3. Questions for Butcher

    Taking off a forward for a defensive midfielder when they only needed to score one more goal was his biggest f up yet. Everyone in the ground could see the goal was coming. I fear next season will be a write off with them in charge.
  4. Cup or relegating them??

    Stupid question really. Every Hibs fan would rather win the cup than relegate Hearts. They are down anyway so hardly an achievement.
  5. Your Top 10? The WORST to play in green and white?

    Kevin Harper one of the worst ever? That's just so bizzare. After he left Hibs he ended up playing in the premiership. I will go with Hakim Sar, a guy clearly bought after a you tube view.
  6. Favourite player?

    Sauzee for me. And the game when he scored and got his tooth knocked out against the poppy thiefs sticks out. When I was young it was John Collins, always a class act.
  7. Harp on Sunday

    I will be in there for it. No giving them a penny. Moan the Hibs.
  8. Is anyone looking forward to Sunday and the new season?

    Not particularly looking forward to it. We still look way short in defence and up front. And I'm in no way convinced Fenlon is the right man for the job.
  9. Lawrie Reilly - Rest in Peace

    RIP Legend
  10. Stadium Tour - Missing Jerseys Returned

    Shocked at this. Don't know how any Hibee could have that on their wall knowing they stole it from the club. I hope they get returned.
  11. Forever Green - New Home Kit

    It's decent but would have preferred a white collar.
  12. Multiple merged threads about Daily Retard articles. by Duncan and Cowan on the SCF

    A post so good I had to read it twice. Good work. Don't think you would want to be in a shiting contest with Cowan though.
  13. East of Scotland Shield - Gunts 0 v 3 HIBS

    Confused, I thought that they had the best youths in the land. 9 in a row, well done Hibs.
  14. Multiple merged threads about Daily Retard articles. by Duncan and Cowan on the SCF

    You had better take a scarf as well A, so that you can throw it on the pitch. ,
  15. Owain Tudur Jones signs

    3 players signed the week after the season ends. Good work Hibs.
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