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    Just back.....and Hibs were rotten again

    Alex is still injured, hamstring, starting running just this week.
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    Atmosphere At ER

    Agree with this entirely, keep the noise up as long as possible, also the fact that the atmosphere was heard up to 3 miles away (read somewhere on another post or article) if SOL is delayed slightly I'm pretty sure it will still be heard by "them" as they're halfway up ER so it will still be...
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    I'm Stanton Spence!! and yes, you CAN score from a corner!
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    Grant Holt

    Yes, I was being facetious, tbf, I should have added more comments re my thoughts on him signing, which is, I think he'd be a decent acquisition, I'd like to see him up top with Scott McD, however do agree with some others that Anier would have been a welcome return, we'll see how it pans out,
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    Grant Holt

    For the life of me could not recall who Grant Holt was so did a quick look on wiki and, Grant Holt (born 12 April 1981) is an English professional footballer who plays as a striker for Hibernian F.C. so it's a done deal then!:g:
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    So here to you Lewis Stevenson....

    Wee Lewie now stays in Dunfermline, I've met him a couple of times, quietly spoken unassuming guy, very polite and pleasant to talk to. He is originally from Kirkcaldy (as mentioned previously) and was a RR fan growing up but is now a dyed in the wool Hibbie. More importantly now a dyed in the...
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    Sent to the club this morning.

    Excellent post and absolutely agree. One of the things I noticed on review on the tv was Leanne and Captain fantastic embracing at the end. Not just a quick handshake and hug either but a full on hold for a good moment. Don't think that has been mentioned so far but it certainly caught my eye...
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    So... Has it sunk in yet?

    Not quite yet but getting there, just wanted to say,,,,,,, My 50th birthday was March 13th and was so hoping for a League cup win to commemorate. That didn’t transpire but that doesn’t matter now cos I’ll always remember my 50th! I’ve only really returned as a regular the last few years or so...
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    Adam Eckersley

    Just "heard" that we are signing Adam Eckersley, pending medical.
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    Tickets 2 spare tickets for tomorrow's game

    tricky,I,ll be heading out soon so if you don't reply by 12' I,ll be in the four in the hand from about 2 onwards,As you walk in the pub, we,re straight ahead standing at the bar, I,m tall baldy bloke, name McKay.
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    Tickets 2 spare tickets for tomorrow's game

    sorry for late replyThey're yours trickyPost back or pm me we can sort out collection, I drive in from dunfermline so can meet you on way in some where's or I,m in four in the hand before game,Cheers
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    Tickets 2 spare tickets for tomorrow's game

    When I say deserving cause, I was trying to think of suitable recipients, young laddies or father and son that wouldn't normally go, somethink like that, but anyone in particular that wants them is welcome.
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    Tickets 2 spare tickets for tomorrow's game

    Hi All, I have two spare tickets for the East Stand for tomorrow's game if anyone has a deserving cause that they can go to. First come first served. You'd need to pick them up from me, I'm in the Four in the Hand before games.
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    Welcome back our jordon !

    Was absolutely delighted he was back in the first 11 when i hear the team news. I like Jordan and think he is a better option than Watson at RB. Good strong defender, gives it his all, is a threat at set pieces and stuck his body on the line when it mattered. Thought he tired a little but...
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    The Battle For Second

    Completely agree with Hibs1337, think i already posted this on another thread but I'm fairly new (to posting anyways and my posts get moderated first) but here's the gist of what I said which in my opinion stood out like the proverbial sore one. Our front two were absolutely shocking. I dont...
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