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  1. Tannadice tickets

    I have 2 spare concession tickets for Tannadice tomorrow night if anyone interested .
  2. Shaun McKinley....RIP

    So sad to hear this Gordon . I'm sure all my fellow Glasgow Hibby's thoughts are with you tonight . God bless you all
  3. Boo boys

    Bit disappointed with some of the moans and groans around me yesterday in what ,I thought, was a good professional job by Hibs against a very decent team. The expectation by quite a few in the ground seems to be that teams should be thrashed at Easter Road but as we all know that is ok on...
  4. The I need a ticket please help thread...

    Birmingham buddies I need a couple of tickets for a couple of friends from Warwickshire. One, in particular, has been a diehard Hibby for a lot of years and spent a lot of cash getting to matches . Be a shame if they coudn't get a ticket for the final. :sad
  5. Benji released

    Benji Absolutely spot on :applause::bye
  6. Maude McFarlane

    Re: Maud McFarlane Maud was a legend at Easter Road sad to hear of her passing R.I.P.
  7. Just back

    Seems to me a lot of good managers ain't in the dugout!!!!!!:banger:
  8. Penalty.....

    Let's get things clear here -Miller dived , there was no contact , and the ball had ran away from the forward-all of that makes it clear that it was no penalty . C'mon guys don't condone that cheating wee mixed up hun!!!!:tuttut:
  9. Murray

    This is great news! Ian Murray has been Mr consistency since returning to the club and has been a credit to himself with quality performances week in week out :yas:
  10. Hughes Swung it for Gow

    Interesting stuff!
  11. Andy Murray.

    Well done Andy !!!!!!!!!
  12. Signings this month

    I have no doubt Yogi and Chipper are beavering away behind the scenes to strengthen the squad . No need to panic as I'm absolutely certain that we will have 1 or 2 new faces by the close of the transfer window. Keep the faith :fyi:
  13. Highlights fae yesterday

    It was a foul on the ' keeper - no doubt.The foul on Nish is a penalty ! We're all supposed to be Hibs fans on here for God's sake why do people want to find reasons to be controversial ? Why do people on here have an agenda against certain players - it puzzles me tbh!!:tuttut:
  14. Who's the worst referee in Scotland

    Underhill has retired-best ref by far-might have been something to do with him being a Geordie(I believe) therefore no agenda.
  15. cup ticket prices

    Have to say I think the pricing is fair in todays climate :102:
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