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  1. Team tomorrow/Galbraith

    Too many goals being conceded so i think Bamba playing just in front of the CB's casper and I'd go with Brown Dickoh--Hogg/Stephenson Hart------------Bamba---------Murray/Hanlon Spoony--Miller De Graaf--------------------Galbraith Deek <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings>...
  2. Jones or Murray

    I totally agree with you regarding Jones last season, and he himself has come out and stated he wasn't good enough and now he wants to lead by example. Lets hope he keeps his word as he's a good goal threat as proven in his first season as well as a half decent defender on his day.
  3. Jones or Murray

    I honestly can't see what people see in Murray, don't get me wrong if he's playing I'll back him but for me he's highly overated by a majority of the Hibs support (is this because he's a Hibee??). And from the team that started on Saturday I reckon he was our weakest link, I know he's out of...
  4. Doom and Gloom A Plenty

    I really don't understand what some Hibs fans were hoping for from the Barca game, ok 6 goals was a bit much to lose and can be no good for the confidence but they make some of the best teams in the world look amateurish at times. I'm not saying I agree with the teams Mixu picks but i for one...
  5. Doom and Gloom A Plenty

    Totally agree with this, as disappointed as I am at how the past few months have gone surely we should be backing the manager and whatever team he decides to put on the park. The pressure for them to score a goal never mind win a game at the moment is bad enough without us getting on their...
  6. Anyone here a big enough mug to go the next two games?

    I'm going, I bought my tickets a few weeks ago and have promised the wee man, if only I could turn back time. To be honest I'm scared that if i don't go I'll miss our first goal since....fuck I cannae mind.
  7. Setanta confirm JJ & Yantorno as signed??

    What setanta say: *Players in bold and capitals are involved in deals that have been confirmed. Players in bold <table border="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr valign="top"><td>JOE KEENAN</td> <td>MELBOURNE VICTORY</td> <td>CONFIRMED</td></tr> <tr valign="top"> <td>STEPHEN THICOT</td> <td>NANTES</td>...
  8. Setanta confirm JJ & Yantorno as signed??

    Found this browsing for some info on todays events Hibernian Transfer Table - Setanta Sports According to Setanta JJ and Yantorno are done deals, anyone have any info?
  9. Press conference

    I am playing the game, it had better not be that shit, it's old news. Petrie has loosened the purse strings and has handed Mixu 100,000 to spend and has now increased the wage cap to 2001 a week. :laff:
  10. Press conference

    Probably to unveil the signings.
  11. Do you have confidence in the board?

    I was undecided this morning due to the stability of the club but from a football point of view and after tonights result im a big fookin NO now STF:red: RP:red:
  12. Cowdenbeath 2 v 0 Hibs

    Dinnae suppose you fancy a swap?????????
  13. Cowdenbeath 2 v 0 Hibs

    I am gutted I have commited myself and the bairn to the Boro & Wigan games :sadwalk:, what a shower of shite, i'm praying :dub: we're saving all these goals for the new season. Us Everyone Else Green Hibby Flag :smilie_auslachen...
  14. Your starting 11.

    I see your point but I couldn't care less defensivley so long as we score at least 1 more than the opposition and play football the way it should be played.
  15. Your starting 11.

    More than likely but I hope he's given another chance, if not it has to be a new signing. Nish for me would be decent off the bench when the opposition defenders are tiring a bit or the free flowing football's :dub::dub::dub: not working.
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