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  • Hey Mate,

    Hope all is well.

    What ever happened with your house getting broken into and your car getting towed?

    Hey Stevie,

    I got your message yesterday. I was flying back home from Washington when you called. I tried sending you a text but it bounced back (I'm guessing you called from a land line). If you get a chance, please try me again today or I'll try you on the number you rang from.


    you not answer yer pm's :dunno:
    :pullhair: It's gonna take me ages to catch you up

    Am 2nd though :rascal:
    :077: just bet 1 of your high scores
    Nut i want a shot :giggle:
    if you had said i'd have made you a nice cup of tea lol i live just opposite the ferry terminal as you enter the city centre. glad you got well paid for it i have done the drive 2 times & it's boring as watching nade diet ha ha
    2 seats sorted for Saturday Mate,Bus leaves Easter Rd(Club Shop) at 6am
    there was something wrong with ny phones-all sorted!
    Hi mate. Wish I'd been able to see you. I kept my eyes open for you at the Damned gig (and yes, it was fantastic!), but to no avail. Ah well. There's always next time!
    as far as i'm aware never mate
    number 12 mate, frutin travel.near the foot of the walk
    Sure is Steve, down on junction street.anything I can do to help?
    Sure is Steve, down on junction street.anything I can do to help?
    hi steve i'm thinking mary queen of scots may connect with napoleon3-she was pretty much french-which is why little france is so called-that is where her court were based
    henry Ford is also connected with Adolf Hitler-he wrote a book called the international jew-a big influence on the nazis.
    hi steve i looked at the properties of the photos and they appear to be in photobucket with the name colin macaulay-but i haven't managed to get any further than that-i thought one of them was wiittgenstein who went to school with hitler but since he had hair it is probably not
    I am thinking picture E may be Leopold the 2 in which case he spent a lot of time in Vienna-it is not george3 or Clive of India which was my other guess-the guy with the fancy moustache and goatee beard may be Nap3-he did loook a bit like that-I am going to see what Matternich looked like-then Cavour
    Hi steve-I believe picture T is Adolf Hitler in case you were wondering.He may go with one of the buildings.Ford goes with pic of model t.I think thats mary queen of scots and the guy in the wig is possibly george 111-good luck
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