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  • Jamie,

    Had a notification about private membership expiring, does this mean it won't be charging anymore? Or would I need to cancel it by other means? Cheers.
    Jamie i've got a notification about my private membership expiring and everytime I click on the message/link to remove it, it won't go away, can you give me a heads up as to how I can can remove this. Thanks Paul.
    Cheers Jamie, i have made a new thread on the travel forum, can you make it stick??? or give it some more publicity???
    Again Cheers!
    Jamie, im going to get a mini-bus for the Hibs-Hearts game in nov, i just need to get people interested, is there any chance you can make my next thread a sticky for a few months?? cheers in advance! Keith.
    when you going to fix the arcade??
    sorry but were you talking about me with the proxy server and being registered with bhoys, gers?... im confused! :S

    My cousin has been trying to register on the Hibeesbounce for the past day or two, his username is Shambles, but he says it's not working
    Lord Jamie,

    None of my posts are displayed. What am I missing? Could you help a brotha' out?

    Lol, Infact if you go onto the Queen Of The South website. In a little box thing it says "Next match : QOS vs Hibs" Click on the word live on top of the box were the 3 options are and it says Match Updates will be posted here so, : Queen of the South FC - Official Website
    Will there be any Updates on the game tonight bud ? I'm working (again) till 21:30 tonight so, The only way I'll be able to get Updates is here on the Bounce.
    I`m ootae here. Arguement halted, I reckon.

    Baldrick awaits.
    Hi, I have just joined Hibees Bounce but am unable to view the pictures in the gallery, it keeps saying I need to register, which I have done. My User ID is hibs13681.
    The dropdown is still appearing, still says I have an unapproved visitor message
    hiya J whens moats ban up mate?
    Are You up for the 10 second Challenge?? :hmmm
    take the last one back, cheeky cow that I am I see I have passed the disclosure scotland and am in............. apologies
    Cheers Jamie.
    Hi Jamie. I want to know how to access the thank your fellow posters feature but Iv no got a scooby Im afraid, Ive done it before but I cant remember how to do it again, Doh!!
    sorry J, thought that wasn't allowed. \soz
    Hi Jamie, did you have a great day with your daughter
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