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  1. Humphrey joins Hibs from Preston

    Delighted we have him signed up a massive injection of speed
  2. Shaun McKinley....RIP

    So sorry for your loss. Heartbreaking. I Will raise a glass as requested
  3. Cup Final Image Request - Fans Celebrating With Players On Pitch At FT

    It was on Twitter posted as a vine no idea where to find it now though
  4. Cup Final Image Request - Fans Celebrating With Players On Pitch At FT

    I want to see the video of JC on the fans shoulders shouting "yes f****** yes" haven't seen it since May!
  5. Wilkie Miller AFC Fud

    Joe Harper is a total backside as well he was in the Aberdeen papers suggesting Hibs are banned from the Scottish cup for a few years. melter
  6. Suggested chant for next time we play Sevco...

    I predict a riot!! :rollfloor
  7. Crest on the West

    never take it down ever!!
  8. Going to Spain worked again I see

    Wherever it is gypsies go
  9. Stokes, wow

    Stokes was better than Cummings today by a long distance.
  10. Would You Take A League Cup Win Over Promotion?

    Football is about winning cups so I want the cup. But let's be honest we are capable of doing both
  11. Wee club?

    I thought later on after I posted that someone would raise this. aberdeenshire would be part of their catchment area for fans since there are no teams for miles around so that should be a factor. The distance between Aberdeen and Inverness is pretty large. Inverurie and westhill are to name only...
  12. Wee club?

    Your points are fair but don't forget Aberdeen is a city with only one football team. They don't have any rivals they also have a shite city with hardly anything to do. Edinburgh has so much more sporting events than Aberdeen. Rugby and football being popular. There's more range for Folk down...
  13. Wee club?

    Those unwashed tossers have finished last plenty of times but got away with and they are a shite club with shite fans - - - Updated - - - I think Hibs are easily a comfortable 4th biggest? Hibs have the 4th largest support in Scotland we also share a city with another team. Hibs...
  14. What the future holds?

    Don't let the last 3 games do your head in and blur your outlook we went 15games without defeat...we can't afford to focus on bad results we have to stay positive. This league isn't great but is the league above any better? Take Celtic out that league and it's a level playing field like the one...
  15. Miller

    The guys a prick would never want him back at Hibs and he's passed it
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