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  1. Full Time: Dundeh 2 v 4 Hibernian

    You definitely shouldn't go anywhere near
  2. One man team - and the Sevco bid (they want to buy him with a Provident account)

    wouldn't it be easier if we set up a auto-reply email that only responds to rangers that simply states 'F*ck off, Allan's no for sale' and then just ignore the shower of c*nts
  3. hibs last game of the season - 24hrs before the huns

    Is it too late for us to request our game be moved to sunday :rascal::boxing:
  4. Match Updates!: Us 2 v 0 Them

    "There doesn't have to be contact, it can still be a foul" did I really just hear that?!
  5. Independence Poll August 2014 The Final Bounce Poll

    49 yes, there could be hope yet:bbb:
  6. hatred towards butcher

    It was all his own doing though. You can't expect someone to be told they'll be let go in 5 months and then expect them to work hard for him. If ever there was a cataclysmic mistake you make at the start of a managerial tenure, he's picked out the biggest of all. I don't hate him though, as has...
  7. Ryan McGivern

    Should have been off there imo.
  8. Match Updates

    I'd be tempted to put Handling on. He seems to link up well with Stanton and Harris
  9. Match Updates

    I'm absolutely certain that McGivern has been told to put the but through King.
  10. Cheated

    We can't blame the referees for our own ineptitude. Improve the people on the pitch who we have control over before we go about starting petty wars with the referees. With regards to them, it doesn't bother me anyway, they'll slink into oblivion before we see any notable improvement in the...
  11. what mp3 player do you use?

    used to have the cowon j3, and thought it was brilliant. Only had the 16gb version, though that was enough with the sd card. I was absolutely gutted when it broke. This is the one I have now, thought it was a better option, given my increasing music collection. Not as many bells and whistles...
  12. looks ok like

    anyone else spot the referee take a dive:giggle:
  13. Wages

    Not a bad image to have imo, could save us a few bucks in the long run?
  14. Sheep Worriers 1 v 0 Hibs score updates here...

    Looked to me like he moved his hand to it, could be wrong though I'll see it again at ht I'm sure. We've looked a bit of the pace in general for the last 20ish minutes, seem to be taking a split second too long when deciding what to do with the ball at times, Robertson and Cairney look...
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