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    Independence Poll August 2014 The Final Bounce Poll

    49 yes, there could be hope yet:bbb:
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    what mp3 player do you use?

    used to have the cowon j3, and thought it was brilliant. Only had the 16gb version, though that was enough with the sd card. I was absolutely gutted when it broke. This is the one I have now, thought it was a better option, given my increasing music collection. Not as many bells and whistles...
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    ARCHOS had a listen to these in hmv a few weeks ago they dont sell them any more, good quality though.
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    Tents and Camping

    grannies heilin hame(sp?) up north is a good one,good facilitiesetc. Me, my dad and my sis have been their twice and we all enjoy ourselves. Going their a week on Sunday:) cant wait. highly recommended. My one bit of advice is remember everything we once got to a campsite and realised we'd...
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    Cowshed - Who Are Ye?

    PERSONAL Name: Ruairidh How Long a member of the Bounce - ERM Dont have a clue check my profile Live - Longniddry Age - 12 HIBS Fave Hibs match - 6-2 scumbos 2000 (ma birthday:bbb::YAYYY:) Fave Player - Shiels or Fletcher Fave Goal - If its against hertz its a fav Best...