We had enough chances to win that game, you miss them, you don't win games, simple stuff. I thought Dundee were good for their draw though, they gave us a real game and deserved a point. Hibs, well we are a depleted team at the moment, Nissy sick, Hanlon, Doidge, Cadden, Mackie injured, McGinn and Murphy playing with bugs and very little in the way of cover.

As ever, I saw the game live from behind the goal, not with the benefit of replays, reverse angles etc on the telly and have not read the match thread, no doubt filled with doom, gloom and people who seem to enjoy seeing Hibs not win, looneys.

Before I get too much into the match observations, can I just point out how disgusted I was with the section of the Hibs support and their abuse of Jason Cummings today. Their songs are not funny and to sing about the sister of a current Hibs player or to suggest a Hibernian Scottish Cup winner is a paedophile, well you are a bunch of fucking arseholes, better suited to the hunnery. Shameful.

We started ok, but I felt Dundee had the best of the first 25 minutes then we got back into the game with what looked like a penalty from y seat, others watching on the box reckon it was soft. Not to worry, Boyler stroked it away and from that point on,. I thought we had enough about us to win the game. We controlled much of the second half and had enough chances to win two games, but could not see the game out. Best for Hibs today, well I though Macey was magic, some great saves, Porto was imperious again, capping it with a fine goal and JD Haitch continues to impress. Boyler too done well and took his penalty well. I thought Gogic was woeful, Magennis quieter than he has been and as it turns our an ill Paul McGinn who spewed on the pitch twice just after half time was not playing well, as it turned out he and Murph have a bug. Scott had a decent debut and reminded me of Nissy in style and workrate.

Couple of grumps, it was a throw to Hibs in the lead up to the second goal and Dundee City Council can go fuck themselves, ticketing scores of cars parked at the bottom of Tannadice Street at half time, with no signage to state parking restrictions were in place, the area was mobbed with United kids and their parents attending the United training facility and Hibs fans cars, no signs and a ticket is just robbery, even a polis agreed. Sneaky *&*^.

So, the team.....

Macey had a couple of wonder saves and from my seat had no chance at either goal.

Paul McGinn was poor, explained in part by being taken off ill just after half time, Jack Ross saying he had spewed at half time and twice on the pitch. He has lost his way this season, a damned shame.

Porto was, as I said, imperious, great goal, leader on the pitch and led by example. I hope we make him Captain in due course, dafties stop trying to get him sold and he signs for life.

Daz done ok, but clearly does not enjoy playing on the right of the defence, more so he hates playing it out from the back. Not his game.

Josh done fine, he must really hate some of the Hibs support. I do.

JD Haitch had a smashing game, his own and covering for the hapless Gogic. Thank Sauzee we signed this laddie, he held us together in midfield.

Gogic was woeful, lost the ball constantly, was at fault for their equaliser and from my seat looked to have missed a sitter near the end. What happened, I hope whatever is affecting him is sorted soon, he is like a different player.

Magennis was as quiet as he has been good recently, still done his bit though and works well with JDH and the wide men.

Murph was decent first half, and very quiet second. I feel he gets too close to Doig to often making him a less of an option? Word is he played with a bug too, so fair play.

Boyler played well and was a menace, scored a good penalty, missed a reasonable chance by blootering it first time, but overall was decent.

James Scott had a good debut, given he has not played much football recently. He reminds me of Nissy as a player, plenty movement and lots of work rate. One observation you might only pick up at the game, was he really seemed to enjoy playing for Hibs, he kept looking at the fans, was delighted at the goal and came over to us after the game, beaming from ear to ear. I like the laddie, he will do well I predict. Believe he too missed a decent chance?

The Subs

Lewis replaced McGinn after 50 minutes, playing right back. You would never known Louis had been a left back his whole career.

Drey Wright replaced Murph with 10 to go, and I thought he did well, brought us back in it in the dying embers of the game. Hope for him yet?

Jamie Gullan replaced Scott with 10 to go and I understand he should have had a penalty last minute, which is a bit ying and yang after our suggested soft one first half?

The boss would be frustrated, bare bones but had enough chances to win it. This season's Hibs team are a much better watch than last season's, Jack sets them out to attack, I suppose he has to with so few defenders to choose from. Top of the League Jack, Top of the League.

I enjoyed watching Dundee, they play like us and deserved their point. If we ever do have to sell Boyler, I would look to bring in Paul McMullan, he gave us a torrid time today and we struggled to stop him. Jase played well too, scoring and even though he may have some Jambo and Hunnish leanings or family, he does deserve that kind of abuse. I also enjoyed watching Charlie Adams, ok he played for the Huns and Livershite, but he is a Dee man and played well, given his is aulder than Shrink and carrying a bit of timber nowadays. Fine fitba player who also did not deserved to be booed by the empty heeds in the Hibs end. Dundee are a good team, worth watching and helped make the game a decent spectacle.

The referee, Alan Manure was a card happy arsehole, but not that card happy that he sent any one off for repeatedly fouling (Charlie Adams)?

The Fans, well fair play for the over 5000 that turned up at midday on a Sunday, £26 a head when live on the telly. The league need to take a look at themselves though, its no a time for fitba (or effing parking tickets). I have said my piece about the hard of thinking in our end, I mentioned to SKII, formally of the bounce that it will be arseholes in the Hibs support that will, one day, stop me being arsed to go along. Today was one of those days, fucking dipshits.

Man of the match, well its was for me, one of three, JD Haitch, Porto or Matt Macey. Matt gets it, he kept us in it with same fine saves, but only by a bawhair from Porto who was superb and JDH who had to play his own game and Gogic's who was a bombscare.

So, in the next week we need to do a number of things, keep Nissy, Josh and Porto, bolster the squad ( I would bring Jason back and splash out on a good centre half), get some players fit and healthy and move a couple of players on. I am hearing Gullan may end up at East End Park?

Do I contest my fine or set the V&A on fire instead. *&*^.

Hibernian Forever!