I have not had to write a negative Just Back this season, which makes tonight all the more difficult. What we witnessed was Hibs failure to fill the gaps we the fans have known needed filled since last season. Injuries to Hanlon and Doidge showed just how thin and weak the squad is, Couple that with dreadful mistakes by McGregor and McGinn and Martin Boyle no turning up and you have a recipe for a piss poor night. One or two on the match thread suggested we were pretty decent right up to McGregor's idiotic sending off, I agree, I thought Hibs were playing some good football, Porto, Doyle Hayes, Magennis and Murph all looked up for it. When Magennis scored I really thought we might do it. Up step Darren McGregor behaving like a rookie, turning like the 36 year old he is.

Probably most galling is we lost to Motherwell or St Johnstone tonight, not Barcelona or Man City, we blew it ourselves. We should have won the first leg handsomely, we drew. We know we are short of players, we have done nothing. I fear we will lose both Doig and Nisbet now, out before the bairns are back to school. I have to ask, where has the 10,500 season ticket holders money gone, surely not on Jake Doyle Hayes, Matt Macey and Danny Mackay?

The positives, well as I said I felt we played some lovely football, both Doyle Hayes and Magennis really impressed me, Doig was steady and I thought Porto was good. a leader and should have been captain.

So, the team....

Macey, I am not convinced, sorry.

Paul McGinn was made captain tonight, lets not make that mistake again Hibs, he was very poor, they targeted him, it worked. The sooner Cadden is fit the better.

Darren McGregor cost us the game, sorry, no two ways about it. We were in the ascendancy, playing well and looking likely to get the next goal. Darren's hesitation, daft foul and sending off earned us a thumping (on paper). We need another centre half, immediately.

Porto played like a titan and didnae deserve to be on a losing team.

Doig simply didnae hit the byline, which is what we expect. I fear he may be off now?

Joe Newell had another one of his flit in and out games, and is too casual with it.

JD Haitch was excellent, especially first half, he showed others what it mean to play in a Hibs shirt.

Kyle Magennis is like a new signing, suberb 90 minutes, great goal, another who showed what it mean to play in a Hibs shirt.

Boyle, yet again reported missing in a big game. No service to Nissy at all, made a couple of chances for himself.

Murph had a great first half, I like his style of play, our most direct attacker who was unlucky on a couple of occasions. Had to take him off because of the idiot McGregor.

Nissy had a few half chances, got very little service but I feel he could more, although like Doig I reckon he is offski. No inside info, just a feeling. I hope not.

The Subs

Gogic replaced Murph after McGregor was sent off and played as a centre half.

Campbell got the last five replacing Newell.

Jack went for it, I don't think he can be blamed for tonight, he set us up to win, his defenders let him down. What I can question is why is the squad so thin?

The referee booked five Hibs player and sent one off, yet it was not remotely a dirty game?

Rijeka, good luck to them, they are no really very good tae.

The fans, well I reckon there were 100 Hibs fans in Rijeka tonight, I don't think many or any got in, it was the reason I didnae bother. Good effort though guys.

Man of the Match was easy, Kyle Magennis looks the real deal, only JD Haitch came close.

Next up is Killie on Sunday in the Premier Cup and based on the weeping and wailing on the match thread, I doubt we will sell out the 12,000 tickets on sale. I will be heading along, indeed we have a group of seven going, only two of whom are season ticket holders, until tonight we have been looking pretty decent.

Hibernian Forever!