Usual rules apply, I was in the front row of the back section of the stand, people standing on the walkway in front of me the whole game, ignorant twats, no reruns,. no replays, no pundits insights so bear with anything I may have missed.

I got back to the car after the game, stuck the radio and massed pundits were eulogising about the match, two good teams, two great keepers, lots of chances and it might of went either way. I agree with all of that. Lets start as to why we did not dominate. It was simple, no JDH meant Kyle Magennis playing deep, he didnae like it, it didnae work for Hibs, we changed it at half time and we challenged more in midfield because of it. Boyler will need power hosed after the game. he has at least two gunts on him wherever he went and he swapped positions constantly, two skittery farts followed him everywhere, he still shook them free to get two of our best chances, both saved by the plooky streak of pish in goal. Nissy chose today to have a duff one, he offered very little and when he did, it went wrong, right up until his peach of a shot with five to go.

What did work, well, we came away with a point, might have had three, the back three of Porto, McGinn and Hanlon worked well, Cadden looked decent and Josh was fine against his old employers. Joe Newell was immense and the subtle tweak of introducing much maligned Gogic brought us right into the game. Then there was Matt Macey who had a handful of wonder saves, better even than the jambofud in their goal. Best I have seen Macey play for Hibs.

The sparryheeds have improved, but not by much, still love a hoof through the middle and are powder-puff up front. Enough about them though.

So, to the team

Matt Macey was wonderful, superb performance today. Look forward to watching the highlights, to see his saves at the other end of the ground.

Paul McGinn played well as part of a three, indeed, he generally does play well when we go with a three.

Porto was immense again, he has been superb this season. I learned today that was his first game for the first team at the Guntery, is that true?

It was a welcome return for Paul Hanlon, we rarely lost goals when Paul plays, funny that eh? Looked like he nearly scored an OG though, will need to see that one again.

Chris Cadden started at right half and did fine, a couple of good runs at the puddledrinkers. Weirdly spend a fair bit of the second half playing in Murph's position on the left and done fine.

Josh Doig played left half and he too done fine against the dafties that released him.

Joe Newell started as a defensive midfielder with Kyle Magennis, Kyle didnae enjoy playing there, Joe did, I thought he was first class today. Was less impressed with the time wasting with five to go, although he may have been told to do that?

Kyle Magennis had a poor first half for me, but was much improved when Alex Gogic came on at half time and it allowed Kyle to play in behind Nissy, where he plays his best fitba.

James Scott didnae really get going for me and looked like he was playing out of position and he didnae really know what to day about it?

Boyler really was marked constantly, no matter what he done. He had a great chance end of the first and again end of the second, the jambofud made two good saves.

That is the worst I have seen Nissy play in a Hibs shirt, he got most things badly wrong, looked annoyed at himself, although he nearly made up for it with a wonderful strike over Jambofuds head and the bar at the end.

The Subs

I thought Gogic coming on for half time balanced our midfield better and the much maligned Gogic played well and had two decent half chances. His introduction stopped Bangintome influencing the game as much.

Drey Wright replaced a shattered Cadden with 5 to go. I know why Jack brought Drey on but I am not sure Drey brought much to the party?

I thought maybe, just maybe Scottie for Magennis with ten to go may have been a masterstroke. It wasn't to be.

The Boss

It shows Jack can change things when its not working. Whilst we played better fitba, the Gunts midfield over ran us. He sorted that with the swap of Scott for Gogic, we needed it to release Magennis further forward. It shows how the loss of one player can change the whole shape of how we play, we missed JDH today.

The referee was fine, he let the game flow and limited the bookings to just Newell and Cockstain.

The Puddledrinkers, well, Spotty was superb, they actually gave us a game and fitba broke out in their ranks a couple of times, but they are and always will be maroon and white shite. I hope the three ends giving 'The Billy Boys' a blast came over on TV. There is more than the Big Huns in this country, the wee ones were giving it 'billy-oh' today.

The Hibs fans were magic, noisy, many pretty pished and we got behind the team from start to finish. I think we impressed the newer players in the team, they looked it at the end of the game as they came to receive the applause of a packed Roseburn end. It was good to say hello to Smurf, Mr & Mrs WJC1848, Shrink, SKII and son and son of South West Hibby. Disappointed with the shite seats given to the away season ticket holders though.

Man of Match, easy, Matt Macey, superb performance. Plaudits for McGinn, Porto, Cadden and Newell too.

Next up is St Mirren, kick off 3pm next Saturday, yes, you got it, a 3pm kick off on a Saturday efty. Who'da thunk it?

Hibernian Forever!
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