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Thread: Planning to visit Canadaneed help!

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    Planning to visit Canadaneed help!

    Canada is a great country and you could really enjoy yourself out there if you have got a well planned trip. Any trip needs to be well-planned if you want to enjoy it completely. The unspoiled beauty of Canada's wilderness has been the playground for adventurers and vacationers alike for generations. It's exactly the kind of natural majesty that continually has visitors returning north of the border. I would recommend a visit to Montreal from the cities there as that is quite a good one. One more thing that I would advice would be getting a good accommodation there prior to your visit, as you would not be in trouble later. You can check out Vacation Rentals Montreal accommodation needs.

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    Re: Planning to visit Canadaneed help!

    Quote Originally Posted by abner.ethan View Post
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    Hi everyone, I was planning a trip to Canada with my family. I dont have much idea on that place and I am still preparing my plans to visit the country. I would like to know from the travelers as what are the paces I should be visiting there and any suggestions and advices would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance!
    I think we may need a bit more of an idea of what you have in mind for your trip in order to help in greater detail.

    I have been to Canada several times, and i am in the process of immigrating.

    Canada can feel a bit like little countries within a large one, because the 10 provincies and 3 territories are so different.

    British Columbia is very mountainous and beautiful, with a temperature scale , not unlike that of the UK. then you have the Prairie Provincies of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Alberta has huge oil reserves, and manitoba(churchill), is classed as the polar bear capital of the world, so if you wanted to go look at some fluffy white bears, that's the place to go !

    The further east you have obviously Ontario, , quebec, and the atlantic provinces like Nova Scotia, where i have been a couple of times.

    Whatever you decide to do , you will find the Canadian people very welcoming, and you will probably feel that things crawl along at a snails pace compared to over here !

    If you are planning to go to either the extreme west (BC, ALBERTA) or the extreme east( Nova Scotia), you will, depending on which time of the year you go, get a direct flight. if looking at other provincies , you will probably have to get connecting flights via one of the London airports.

    The link below, will give you an idea of peoples experiences , (good & Bad) regarding Canada.

    I hope that's enough to get you started, I'm sure there will be other bouncers along to help you soon.

    Good Luck.

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