"Saturday, 28 September 1985: SPL: Hibs 1-0 Motherwell.* Three days after the epic first leg Skol Cup victory over the dead hunz, we finally collected lour first two points of the season.* It was a dull, turgid encounter, with visibility very poor due to the heavy mist.* However, cometh the hour, cometh the man.* And that man has a nose like John Holmes's appendage, and he now drives the most efficient number 22 in the LRT depo.* That man is Alister 'Benny' Brazil.* Yep.* 1985 was a rich year on the goals front for the Jambo from Currie: a hat-trick against Celtic on Saturday, 26 January; an equaliser in a 2-1 defeat at Love Street (I was there) on Saturday, 23 February; a raker for the sixth against the Blue Brazil on Wednesday, 21 August; this one down the slope after 52 minutes; and he grabbed another at Kilbowie on Wednesday, 30 October!

Talking of Kilbowie, hertz lost 1-0 there that day.* But the Swynecastle swines would then remain unbeaten until a certain Bobby Ball look-a-like pished on their parade in May 86!* Which Harry Potter missed wi period pains or sore puppies.* Or something manly like that.

- Saturday, 28 September 1991: SPL: Hibs 1-1 Celtic.* Three days after the epic Skol Cup defeat of the dead hunz, a tired performance by Hibs looked like losing to a goal by Charlie Nicholas ('you're a $#@!, you're a $#@!'; I think he probably knows he's a $#@! by now; he feckin' should).* But the referee awarded us a goal with nine minutes to go; claiming that Pat McGinlay's header had crossed the line.* I didn't think it did, myself, but was happy with the rub of the, er, green for once.* Hibs remained the only unbeaten team in Scotland!

- Saturday, 28 September 1996: SPL: Hibs 1-3 hertz.* And we 3 down at the break.* Some comedy defending gave Robertson and Cameron their goals.* A Jackson penalty reduced the deficit around the hour mark, but enough was enough.* Lexo (who in my opinion should've gone after the Scottish Cup defeat at home to Killie on Saturday, 27 January 1996) parted company with the club two days later.* Which indirectly led to Jim Duffy and relegation.* Should we have stuck with Lexo?* No, in my view.* But JD should never have been allowed anywhere near the managerial staff at Easter Road.

- Saturday, 28 September 2002: SPL: Hibs 1-0 Livvie.* The second of three successive home games for the Hibs, and the second of three successive home wins (we actually won five in a row; it would've been six if Bobby bloody Williamson hadn't subbed both Mixu and Garry O with 8 minutes remaining and us only 1 up at home to hertz; who then scored twice in the last 4 mins for an undeserved win; I still hate Bobby bloody Williamson for that.* And a lot of other things).* Ian Murray with the only goal, I think.* I was pished.* vikcy Bar pre-match wi the usual suspects.* You know who you are.

- Saturday, 28 September 2013: SPL: Inversneckie Stoorie Brae Doggers 3-0 Hibs.* We got humped by TB's at-the-time-no-bad-team.* Listened to it on the radio down here.* Could've been a few more.* the last days of Fenlon; who should've been emptied after the 0-7 to Malmo on the night we paid tribute to the last of the Famous Five.* But, Christ, we didn't know what was in store for us when he eventually was replaced.* 'Be careful what you wish for' is an apposite aphorism which encapsulates that episode in recent Hibby history".