As the full time whistle was blown on Saturday, a sense of relief set in as we watched the players, management team and staff presented with their medals and the Championship trophy. Shortly after, a sense of excitement and opportunity came to us as we started discussing the potential of next season – on and off the park.

We would like to take a quick minute to personally thank the members and staff of,, HibsPaige, various HSA branches and the Hibernian Football Club for their continued support, encouragement and backing this year – whether it be morally or financially.

We are excited about the prospect that our new home in Section 25 of the Famous Five Upper will give, particularly around involvement and growth, but always the atmosphere, both visually and vocally.

Over 150 season tickets have now been purchased for the section, with a further 100 or so reserved to be purchased by 1 June. That leaves approximately 50 seats remaining which can now be purchased through the ticket office direct or moved into by relocating the season ticket you have purchased for another part of the stadium.

Whilst the season has ended, the work has just begun for us as a group and our preparations for next year are already underway.

We hope by being (almost) centred within the Hibernian support that together we will take Easter Road to the next level and become a fortress for any opposition that steps foot onto the pitch.

A small forum has been created, primarily to discuss the section, away travel/ticketing, flag making/displays and fundraising. This can be found at

Following from a number of PMs since our last update, I have noted our PayPal and account details below, should you wish to send a donation.

Many thanks for your continued support – we look forward to joining you all in Season 17/18.


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