The latest update is available HERE

Hopefully you have time to have a read of it, but if not I'd like to ask for volunteers to help with the turnstile collection at Easter Road next Sunday.

Dnipro Kids has helped to organise for 20 children to travel over from Ukraine, and they will be helping with the collection and then attending the match against Dundee United. The kids that we are bringing over have lost their fathers, killed in the fighting in the east of Ukraine (less than a 3 hour drive away from Dnipro).
Even if you are unable to help with the collection, please give them a warm Scottish welcome and pop a couple of quid into one of the buckets.

Also, if anyone knows of anyone that works for (or owns) a bus company could you get in touch. We are needing to get the kids from Luton to Edinburgh after a proposed deal for flights fell through.