Been browsing through holiday reviews on TripAdvisor and just love some of the comments people make about hotels and resorts that they have stayed in. This one particularly stood out for me, about a hotel in Tunisia;

We went to this Hotel from the 19th to the 26th October using Thomas Cook. The first thing to say is that if your arrival transfer is in the early hours of the morning, as mentioned by many contributors, you will likely get the 16 seater ropey old minibus that goes round the roundabouts the wrong way and does 130K between speed waiting policemen and speed bumps. If you sit on the left hand side of the bus with your window open, stay alert because the driver hawks a lot out of his window, and may also take a detour to pick up a couple of mates on the way.

If you go on a trip with Ali Bah Bah who runs excursions from the hotel, be sure to miss the pirate boat trip because the pictures he uses to sell the excursion are photos of the boat taken in about 1970 when it was new. 43 years later it's rather dilapidated, and you don't get to see any dolphins either. It costs about 15 per person. We didn't see any of the other 39 thieves either, there was just Ali Bah Bah.