• Just back and we strolled through the thugs...

    No quite Just Back as I had to cook tea for my wife and oldest laddie who were both working today and “starving”!

    Hibernian today showed why we will win this league, for the first 15 minutes we are under a bit f pressure, lost a goal and looked a tad wobbly. By half time, we were out of site after 25 minutes of footballing pleasure. The pleasure being that of the Hibs fans, who oohed and ahhhhd their way through the best brand of football yet again.

    James Keatings kept his place in a front three with Jase and Dom, Fontaine dropped out for McGregor and Farid El Aligui was back on the bench again.

    Once again I will start by talking about the Hibernian support, they mentioned our numbers in the ground, I didnae hear, but it looked a kick in the arse off 2000 Hibs fans in a decent crowd, who backed the team and enjoyed a good day out in the shite pipe that is Paisley.

    James Keatings scored 3, his sweet volley being the pick of the three, and Jason scored for his seventh game in a row, it’s what he does. The enigma that is Dom, who should score more and leave the dummy at home, Paul Hanlon and Darren McGregor gave a masterclass after a dodgy start, Fraser Fyvie gave a wonderful 75 minutes before tiring and Liam Henderson started slow and got better and better as the game went on. Then there is the magnificent specimen of a ball player, John McGinn. Lets not forget our fullbacks, and the goalie, three players who are the core of our team.

    Then there is Alan Stubbs, and his capable assistants, they know this game, they play it well, they have that special thing, it’s like a Christmas advert, it’s the essence of Hibernian.

    The players

    Mark Oxley is excellent, ok punters want him to catch the ball, it was a dreich, miserable day on a wet pitch if he is happier punching, punch away son.

    David Gray was very good again, he is a fine captain.

    Darren McGregor was back in and to be honest e flapped a little for the first 20, but went on to have a smashing game, Daz is a proper centre half, and a Hibs man.

    Paul Hanlon was once again outstanding, like his fellow Hibby, Darren McGregor, he wobbled sat the start, but by Sauzee, he went on to have a fantastic game.

    Lewis Stevenson was excellent again he defended well and got forward at every occasion. Hard as nails when he needs to be to.

    Fraser Fyvie was brilliant for an hour, he tired, neither wonder, what a power of work this laddie puts into a game. Hard as nails too.

    John McGinn was as graceful and skilful as this laddie wants to be. The rednecks of Paisley booed him, Goodwin and a couple of other striped fuds tried to kick him, John sailed past them as if they were not there, when they kicked him he bounced back up. Jon plays with a smile on his face, he likes playing for our team. Magical.

    Liam Henderson started poorly, by the end of the game he was shining like the star he can be. He noised that fucking arsehole Goodwin up to the extent that when the game finished the grey haired never has been would not shake Liam’s hand. Nae loss there Liam. His pass from the free kick for Keatings first was very intelligent and well executed.

    James Keatings used be a Gunt but he is alright now and with three goals for Hibernian today, coupled with a very good hour of football, he is most certainly one of us now.. Great performance son and stunning second goal.

    Jason did what Jason does he scored a goal and worked for that ball and break right up to when he was taken off. Another one who was one of them and is now clearly enjoys playing for Hibs.

    Malonga – He played very well in parts, should have scored twice but spoiled the lot by his disgraceful behaviour after the penalty was given. Lewis won the penalty, James Keatings on two already, grabbed the ball, Dom tried to wrestle it off him, David Gray stepped in and clearly told Dom, it was James penalty for his hatrick, Dom tried to grab the ball again. Keatings took it back and slotted it away. As Hibs players celebrated together, Malonga walked up the shy line alone, not celebrating with the team and was promptly subbed by Stubbsy. Dom, you play for Hibernian, not for yourself If you want to play for yourself, you are in the wrong game. Buck your ideas up pal, we are Hbernian FC, not you.


    Fontaine came on for the fud Malonga, and did well.

    Boyle came on for Keatings I think and other than a daft moment defending, he again did well and passed when he might have shot for a fifth.

    We then brought on young Islam who again did bits and pieces and might have scored.

    We have a luxury of choices, its great.

    The Blessed Alan was once again smart in his choices, didnae panic and trusted his players. Alan is the new Tony Mowbray, plus his team have steel and can defend. I like what you are ding Mr Stubbs, I like it a lot.

    For a second game in a row I give the ref pass marks, ok its only 51%, but whilst he should have sent that twat Goodwin off and at least one more of the cloggers in black and white he didnae lose control.

    St Mirren are a pub team, I know some of you like Ihun, I never did, and him and Bastard Face in charge will ensure they kick their way through the lower divisions for years. Hoof and blooter may have been ok in your Hunnery years pal but its shit to watch and disnae work against proper football playing teams.

    My man of the match isnae easy, it rarely is watching this Hibs team, there were probably two again? Paul Hanlon again or James Keatings for his hatrick. It has to be James for scoring three.

    Ohhhh, James Keatings, you used to be a jambo, but you’re all right now.

    Well won Hibs, very, very well won.

    Tommy and Isabel, good eh?

    Glory, Glory.
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